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COWARDICE to release a new EP

Tacoma, WA hardcore band COWARDICE head out on a West Cast tour this weekend. The band is also recording their new EP, to release later this year.

The band issued the following statement:

Randomly while practicing the other day Ahren had his mics set up already so we recorded some rough versions of the new songs. (…) IT IS VERY ROUGH AND WAS A SPUR OF THE MOMENT LIVE RECORDING.

The EP is titled I AM DEPRESSION. It deals with the things in my (Jeremy) life in the last few years. How the things you do and the things you say can have an affect on people. Sometimes, no matter how positive the things you are doing can be it can bring out the bad in people. We attach to punk rock and hardcore because we relate to it. Because outside of it we don’t feel we belong. We don’t feel we are understood. We don’t feel anything sometimes. Whether it is political, personal or social views. It is often not shared or even expressed. Except in this world we have created. It is a place we can share these ideas and a place where we can feel not alone. In reality a lot of the times we are alone but it is nice to know sometimes that someone, somewhere is feeling what I am. It’s why I often ramble so much when we play. I can talk and talk, sometimes too much. But it’s what I do. It’s who I am. But in the last few years I have seen the negative side of letting it out. I have seen people honestly break. One of my best friends said it was something I said at a show that sparked her to changed her life and want to do more. BUT because of what I said it brought out something inside of her she had been hiding and it ruined her. Right before she got taken away and was put in a hospital she told me it was something I said that made her this way and it destroyed me. A few weeks ago someone told me that because I turned away from them when I had to it ruined them, her exact words, “you ruined me.” This person now has gone down a path of alcoholism and sex addiction which I can’t blame myself for but after seeing her face when she told me that I knew I had a huge part in it. This EP goes into the feelings I feel in this music and how I have seen something positive destroy people. This music has saved my life, honestly. I have seen it do the same for others. But I have now seen the other side and it is scary. I will never give this up and I will never stop doing and being who I am but these songs are a reflection, a tipping point when you start to question if this is all worth it or not.

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