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CREVASSIAN’s “Firmament” defines the notion of progressive metal as it should be

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Instrumental progressive metallers CREVASSIAN are set to release their debut EP on December 7th. The promising self-titled is touted to be hailed by progressive metal fans as the band’s first proper release which will fit perfectly right into the world of instrumental, cinematic music. Coming after their 2 debut singles released last year, the record is being promoted by an adventurous, well-refined new single “Firmament” that moves through its sonic gears with mesmerising ease and incorporates elements spanning across the entire musical spectrum, and we’re pleased to give you its first listen above!

The band commented:

“Firmament is probably the most quintessentially ‘us’ track at the moment. It has some hypnotic rhythms as well as that post-rock/metal influence that kind of defines the EP hovering over it in the clean and lead parts. It’s got a smooth gentle intro as well which is really fun to play live, which you’ll be able to see if you come see us!”


The self-titled EP from CREVASSIAN draws on Cloudkicker, Jakub Zytecki, This Will Destroy You and more to create a cathartic blend of atmosphere and groove, syncopated heavy riffs and epic melodies and progressions.

CREVASSIAN is a 4 piece outfit, consisting of drummer Nick Povey, rhythm guitarist James Humphries (ex-TideBinder), bassist Luke Fabian (Pupil Slicer, Meridia, ex-Hands of a Saviour) and lead guitarist Cody Gaffney. On stage CREVASSIAN  have played with the likes of Harbinger, Core of IO, Death Remains and Arcaeon.

Music by Crevassian / Mixed and mastered by Maxi Curnow at Horizon Mastering Ltd.

CREVASSIAN by Harvs Photography, fb.com.harvsphotography
CREVASSIAN by Harvs Photography
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