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An ode to straight edge: WAKE OF HUMANITY premiere new track “Alone & Broken”!

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Straight edge and veganism has changed countless beings for the better and it has been both integral part of the hardcore scene and the defining idea around which many lives have been centered, but sometimes it’s good to cut off from the sublime and simply acknowledge and appreciate its personal value and significance. “Alone & Broken”, the newest track from WAKE OF HUMANITY serves a very personal reference and reaction to how straight edge has positively affected one’s life that was judged and chastised for it by people considered as close friends, and we’re pleased to give you it’s first listen below!

“Alone & Broken” features guest vocals by Carey Fegel and comes from WAKE OF HUMANITY‘s debut full length “Fight/Resist“, to be released on November 2, 2018 via Ugly & Proud Records and Bitter Melody Records.


Recorded at Studio Litho and mixed at Red Room / Produced and mixed by Matt Bayles – Botch, Isis, Mastodon, Tragedy / Mastered at Audioseige by Brad Boatright. WAKE OF HUMANITY are: Chris LaPointe – vocals; Jeremy Gruenewald – guitars, vocals; MJ Gruenewald – drums; Michael Chinn – bass.


Straight edge saved my life, It matters not what you say
Immune to your arrogant judgement
Your negative outlook means nothing to me
This has nothing to do with you
This time it’s all about me
I said I’d never write this song
I said I wouldn’t give you the time of day
I said I wouldn’t waste my breath on you
I said I wouldn’t waste my life on fools
That’s right I said…
But you forced my hand
Bridges that you’ve burned, they won’t be rebuilt
Is that something that you’re proud of?
So self-consumed, so unaware
Take what you can
Give nothing in return
Erase you from my life
You’ll die alone and broken
Straight edge saved my life


WAKE OF HUMANITY live dates:

January 5-7 Pacific Northwest Record Release Dates with Xibalba and Racetrator

March 27-31, 2019 US East Coast tour, Summer 2019 European Tour


Check out another new song “Bled Dry”, premiered earlier this month via No Echo and GO HERE to read the band’s recent interview for DIY Conspiracy.

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