Crossover thrash punks INHUMAN NATURE discuss touring, comment on the upcoming European trek!

London’s INHUMAN NATURE thrashed our pages with a riveting performance on their new track and music video a couple of months ago, and today are back with great news about their upcoming European crusade with unholy speed metal slashers DUNGEON! The band’s recent full length delivery on INJUSTICE RECORDS marked one of the strongerst thrash metal / crossover debuts of the year, and it is our pleasure to keep the hype up and invite you to one of the following shows. Check it out and scroll down to read the special first-hand commentary from the band!

INHUMAN NATURE Dungeon EU Tour Poster

There’s something about driving for hours with a bunch of other sweaty people who are cranky due to lack of sleep, on the way to a place you have most likely never been, with the risk of no one turning up to your show. You then play your show, if you are lucky to a room full of people, and go to sleep somewhere probably a bit uncomfortable. You will, maybe, cover your costs. Your parents, colleagues and more basic friends will never understand why you do this. But that’s fine.

This is Inhuman Nature’s second tour outside of the UK this year, not bad considering people have only really given a shit since May when we dropped our album. It came together much easier than the last one and we’re hitting some places for the first time.

We’re taking Dungeon out with us on this run, which is awesome! I remember being stoked when I picked up a copy of English Hell when IN was just starting out.

First stop of the tour is London, a hometown show. I have to be honest, it’s lucky to be from London and live here if going to shows is your thing. All tours come through here. I saw Shark Attack here the other day, it was the only place they played in the country, which happens often. Aggressive Perfector, the best metal band in the UK, are playing as well.

We’re heading to France the next day to play in Lille. Our first ever show outside the UK was in France when we played Lyon back in May. Great show and Lea and Pierre who booked it are now solid pals. I haven’t had that much experience within the French scene, however, one time that does really stand out to me was when mine and Simon’s old band played in Paris and a rap metal band that all wore masks supported.


We’re playing a bunch of shows in Germany. We hit Weimar at Gerber 3 where we played in May, which is now one of my favourite venues and run by the coolest people. When we played in May someone brought us a loaf of bread with our logo baked into it. It wasn’t vegan but I was tempted to sneakily grab a bit and hide in a dark corner somewhere with it, maybe I could have lived with the shame, who knows?

It’ll be our first time in Berlin, which suits me just fine as buying records and eating delicious vegan food are things I enjoy. I’m going to assume the venue is a squat or under a bridge because the venue details are vague and you’re just instructed to get off at a certain junction on the Autobahn. Thrashers of Berlin, I hope you like weird adventures!


We’ll be back in Prague for the second time this year, last time it was great and Café Na Pul Cesty is one of my favourite venues. Pavel will probably be known to a lot of people that might read this, especially if your band has rolled through Prague. Solid human being and really committed to furthering DIY punk and hardcore culture. Dude also loves Marmite and Star Wars, a person you can trust.

It’ll also be Inhuman Nature’s first trip to Poland. Where better than to start in Warsaw. The first time I went to Poland was with Hang The Bastard to play Open Hardcore Fest back in 2010. I remember it being crazy hot, someone set fire to a fence and Vitamin X fucking killed it.

To round the whole thing off we are hitting the Netherlands for the first time for two shows. My experiences there have always been great, everyone is super chill and shows are always fun. I’ve made some good friends from going there.

See you weirdo’s in the pit!

Crossover thrash punks INHUMAN NATURE discuss touring, comment on the upcoming European trek!
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