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CROWNING pushes emoviolence / screamo into uncharted territory with intense new album “Survival​/​Sickness”

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Over two and a half years since their humorous video interview for IDIOTEQ, Chicago based vicious post hardcore band CROWNING are back to our pages with the official premiere of their exciting full length debut album “Survival​/​Sickness“, out November 19th via the one and only Zegema Beach Records! Unleash the beast and when you’re knocked down, get back up and check out their special list of Crowning’s Essential Songs for the Pandemic, compilated exclusively for this presentation.

CROWNING never disappoint when it comes to knicking out with their sheer power and pushing their sound. Following their 2017 debut EP “Funeral Designs”, 2018 splits with Swallows Nest and Marée Noire, as well as 2019 single “Visceral Ghosts”, their new monstrous full legth showcases the devastating, yet indistinct contrast between their leanings towards full-on screamo and emoviolence assault and crushing slower moments.

Lyrically, “the album tells the story of an outsider who comes to earth just after a cosmic impact in order to ensure humanity can survive to rebuild civilization.” – explains CROWNING’s vocalist, James.

“Of course, most of the inspiration comes from our present conditions; like capitalism and power dynamics between state and religion. The outsider poses the question “is survival a sickness?” After the atrocities humankind has committed to each other and the earth, is it
really worth it to start over?” (That answer is yes for sure lol)

Mixed and mastered by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording.

“Is it really worth starting over? Is survival a sickness?” Chicago five-piece Crowning continue to twist the sickening coil of overdriven emoviolence, steely post-hardcore, and dystopian vision that has become their signature weapon since 2017’s Funeral Designs. “Survival/Sickness” is the first full-length from the band, but the barely 18 minutes tear by in an instant, a panicking rampage of paranoia, prescience, and pummeling mid-range cruelty. A record about relationships defined and constructed by violence and power, “Survival/Sickness” is a testament to the conditions that willed it to be. Ferocity, isolation, and wrath – “blood, and brine.” This is a record for us, not them.

Crowning’s Essential Songs for the Pandemic

Emo Punk & Screamo Spotify Playlist
Photo: IEATHEARTATTACKS, by Jphnny Vaet Nordskog

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