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GLOWER’s “Gaunt Sun”: a descent into melancholic brutality

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In the shadows of Brighton’s bustling music scene emerges Glower, a 5-piece metallic hardcore band formed in 2019. With their origin rooted in the desire to unleash the most invigorating heavy hardcore the UK has to offer, they have firmly established their musical prowess. Their debut EP ‘Eyes Full of Spite‘, released in June 2021, was a testament to this, with tracks like ‘Soil Gag‘ and ‘Noxious‘ portraying the band’s unparalleled skill in the realm of metal. Their scintillating breakdowns, complemented by the bewilderingly abstract visuals of their music videos, set them apart in a league of their own.

As the year 2022-23 dawns, Glower’s horizon seems ever expansive with fresh releases. Their latest offering, “Gaunt Sun,” is a sonorous journey into the depths of despair and darkness.


The lyrics paint a haunting picture, with phrases like “Any glimmer of hope, crushed beneath the shadows” and “Hang in the fucking gallows” echoing the band’s signature style of bleak yet powerful wordplay. The repeated refrain “Gaunt sun” serves as a chilling reminder of the overwhelming desolation that pervades the song.

The accompanying music video is no less harrowing. It is a macabre drenched in blood and fear. This grim portrayal perfectly encapsulates the band’s intent, offering a visceral experience that is both terrifying and enthralling.

Having rocked the stage at the 10th Anniversary of Tech-Fest this past summer, Glower’s trajectory in the music industry seems on spot.

The future of Glower, as their music suggests, is as dark as a total eclipse, casting shadows of doubt on everything in its path.

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