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When Singapore emo post hardcore band THE CAULFIELD CULT released their new music video for a new track featuring Patrick Kindlon (SELF DEFENSE FAMILY / DRUG CHURCH), I already knew that their new record “Cult” should receive a proper presentation through IDIOTEQ pages. Supported by another amazing single “Inadequate”, the new album highlights a great maturity within the band and shows a unique balance between smooth and harsh nature. Structurally, the new tracls flow perfectly from one hook to another and it certainly is a quality treat. Check out the new tracks and scroll down to learn a lot more through our latest interview with THE CAULFIELD CULT!

THE CAULFIELD CULT‘s 3rd full length “Cult” was recorded and mixed by Cedric Chew (Inversion Studios, Singapore) and mastered by Alan Douches (West West Side Music, New York). The album will be released on 31st March 2016 on 12″ Vinyl & CD by ACPHC (Singapore), i.corrupt.records (Germany), Through Love Records(Germany), Sorta’ Lonely (UK), Dingleberry Records (Germany) and Dangerous Goods (Singapore)!

Hey guys! It’s been 4 years since we last conducted an interview for IDIOTEQ. Can you believe that? How have you guys been? How’s Singapore doing?

I can’t believe we’re still an active band to be honest. I remember IDIOTEQ was the first ever foreign press that conducted an interview with us and I truly appreciate that.

Singapore’s doing really well at the moment, lots of bands are getting out now. 4 years ago, there were like 3 bands that tour outside South East Asia. The number has since quadrupled at least.

I’ve been totally addicted to your new track “I Can’t Save You”! Tell me more about this new video, the concept behind it and your partnership with Patrick.

I was skeptical about shooting a music video because they either turn out really good or very forgettable and I didn’t want to shoot something with us playing again or something with tour footage, those have been done a million times without any significant difference and I wouldn’t want to watch that. Plus, we didn’t have any money. We decided to do one for the shortest song on the record for promotional purpose as less time equals less hassle. We shot and edited it by ourselves with an iPhone and a MacBook.

As for Patrick: Brian and I have been huge fans of SELF DEFENSE FAMILY for a long time and we met and spoke with Patrick at the fest in Florida two years ago and exchanged emails and kept in touch here and there since.

Do you have many friends from foreign bands? Can we expect more collaborations on your new album?

Pontus from DISEMBARKED and Henning from SUIS LA LUNE contribute some vocals to the record as well. Having toured so much, relationships with foreign bands are only natural.

How does the message and lyrical feel of “I Can’t Save You” incorporate into the album’s overall themes? Please expound more on the idea of the title “Cult” and its tracks.

“I cant save you” is borderline satirical and that vibe repeats on some other tracks on the record. Lyrically, this record is more emotionally practical and less juvenile.

We only thought of the title after all the songs were done. It means nothing, really. We just wanted something simple and seemingly symbolic.

Is there a certain intention to ignite specific emotions in your listener’s hearts? What would you like your listeners to get from this band?

It doesn’t really matter to me. We played a small show in Toronto last year and someone came up to me at the merch table and told me our first album helped him get through hard times. I’m happy he sorted things out and I’m glad our record provided assistance but I won’t feel negatively if no one cared. Our songs are about pretty specific things, not the generic ones about girls that didn’t like me back with rhymes that sound like they were pulled from tumblr screencaps, so I wouldn’t expect a lot of people to be able to relate with what we have to say.

How are you guys going to celebrate the release of “CULT” this March?

I’m pretty sure the four of us wouldn’t be in the same room at any time of the day of the release but I’ll have a beer.

Ok guys, and how about your other projects? Your skate punk side project BRUISED WILLIES has just released a new amazing EP. How busy developing your other music-oriented projects will you be this year?

Feroze and I play in a band called WEIGHT OF THE WORLD A.D. and we’ll be playing some regional shows and recording new songs for a split 7″. BRUISED WILLIES too will be recording a new EP next month.

You’ll be back in Europe this coming May and that’s really exciting news! How do you like touring our lands and being here in general? How has your association with Europe evolved over the years?

Europe is my favourite place to tour. This coming one will be our 6th time in your continent, that’s how much we like it. No one cares as much as Europe and it’s pleasant to be where we’re wanted to play. This tour has been particularly easier to book compared to our previous ones, I credit that to having played fluff fest and having toured with a popular band like DISEMBARKED.

I realized that in places like the UK and America, the gap between a small DIY band and a popular indie-label band is huge, whereas in Europe, the treatment is always equal regardless of popularity.


1/5 Ceske Budovice, CZ – Velbloud
2/5 Ostrava, CZ – Plan B
3/5 Krakow, PL – Kawarnia Naukowa
4/5 Wroclaw, PL – Strona Miasta
5/5 Poznan, PL – Pod Minoga
6/5 Berlin, DE – Tiefgund (Miss the stars Fest III)
7/5 Hamburg, DE – F115
8/5 Darmstadt, DE – Oetinger Villa
9/5 Hanau, DE – Metzgerstrasse
10/5 Cologne, DE – AZ Koeln
11/5 Meppen, DE – Jugendzentrum
12/5 Mainz, DE – Haus Mainisch
13/5 Leipzig, DE – The Atari
14/5 Prague, DE – Na Pul Cesty
15/5 Nuremburg, DE – Projekt 31
16/5 Luchingen, CH – Baandrum
17/5 Freiburg, DE – KTS
18/5 Giessen, DE – AK44


Does connecting with people from all kinds of cultures play a big part in creating how you think as artists?

As artists, and as human beings. It’s educational on many levels, on how we write and how we behave as artists and people. The perspective gained from touring cannot be gained anywhere else.

Ok guys, what else? Would you like to add anything before we sign off for another 4 years? Haha

Let’s talk again before 2020.

Thanks a lot! Cheers from Poland and good luck with your new album!

Thank you so much, Karol.


Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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