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Australia’s CURSED EARTH unleashes a mightily impressive beast of an EP!

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CURSED EARTH definitely know a thing or two about delivering a heavy onslaught of furious guitars drowned in noisy, mad pursuit of sonic enormity. I’m thrilled to give you their debut EP called “Vae Mortis”, premiering now on IDIOTEQ!

“Vae Mortis” is being held by Life.Lair.Regret. Records. Big up for Chameleon Sound for the enormous mixes – just play it and listen for yourself!

The band commented:

“Vae Mortis is about looking past the filter in our minds that stands between us and our natural fear mechanisms. By looking around the edges of that filter we get a glimpse of the things that terrify us about human life and human nature; anxiety, nihilism, dissociation from self and from reality, disease, violence, powerlessness and grief. We’ve done our best to scrape the surface of our exploration of these feelings and present it with all the intensity and power that we can capture and retain with our limited artistic abilities.

CURSED EARTH is a young band of friends from Perth, Western Australia who play fast and heavy percussive hardcore. Following the release of the songs “Consumed” and “Suffocation” in Mid 2014, our self recorded debut “Vae Mortis” is due for release as a cassette or digital download through Life. Lair. Regret. records in late October.”


Catch them live COLOSSVS and a bunch of other bands at the following stops on Friday, November 28th at YMCA HQ in Perth.

CURSED EARTH live dates

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