CUT TEETH signs with Topshelf Records

We wonder how it’s possible that we missed the good news from week. CUT TEETH have inked a deal with Topshelf Records. Whoohooo! Check them out.

The label commented:

We’re Boston guys through and through, but boy, do we sure love Chicago. Chicago’s pretty cool, you guys. When I heard one of the city’s newest exports, Cut Teeth, I didn’t even finish the record before I was texting another Windy City mainstay, Evan Weiss, about how to get in touch with these guys. And so here we are.

The creed of Cut Teeth is a simple one: to be loud and be loud together. Dan Yingling, Kyle Johns, Matt Jordan, Dustin Currier began doing so while writing together in Chicago early 2011 when the combination of inheriting a practice space and taking a break from their other musical pursuits (The Red Knife Lottery, Monday’s Hero, The Felix Culpa, Stay Ahead of the Weather) created a perfect storm of sorts. Televandalism was the result of this time. No releases come to mind from this scene today that are more loud and unashamedly riff-heavy than this groundbreaking debut EP. It is undoubtedly the most mature effort yet in their musical careers and has been enthusiastically received as such. As far as they’re concerned, the future won’t look too different.

Televandalism — originally self-released earlier this year as a digital-only EP — will be re-released by us on July 24th of this year. The six tracks have been remastered, the vinyl version will include a bonus track and Ben Sears has cooked up something really awesome for the album art. 

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