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CYMEON X / REGRES split pre-orders are up!

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As reported, REGRES and CYMEON X will release a new split 7”. The new record celebrates REGRES’ 15th Anniversary this year and features 2 cover songs (both bands covering each other), as well as 2 original tracks. CYMEON’s version of “Pełni Wiary” (originally by REGRES) features gues appearances of Wilk from THUGxLIFE and Nikodem, a CYMEON X bassist’s 10-years old son.

This record is limited to 500 copies with no future represses planned. It will be premiered on November 29th in Częstochowa, at a very special, 15th Anniversary celebration of the forming of REGRES. Order your copy via [email protected] / Refuse Records.

Photo by PiataEsencja.

Side A:
2.Pełni wiary (Regres cover)

Side B:
1.Mój świat
2.Chcę twojej przyjaźni (Cymeon X cover)

CYMEON X live dates:
“Animal Friendly Tour”
27.11. Zduńska Wola (bez Government Flu)
28.11. Częstochowa, XV-lecie Regres Teatr From Poland w/ Regres
29.11. Warszawa, Animal Friendly Fest ADA Puławska w/ Iron To Gold, The Lowest, Nine Eleven (F), Heatseeker
30.11 Poznań Klub pod Minogą (bez The Lowest)

REGRES tour dates:
30.10. Kraków w/ Iron
28.11. Częstochowa @ Teatr From Poland, XV-lecie Regres w/ Cymeon X, Government Flu, Icon Of Evil, The Lowest, ThugxLife

Other recordings by REGRES and CYMEON X available via Refuse Records:
CYMEON X “Free your mind free your body” LP 39zł / 10,00 EUR (Pasażer)
CYMEON X “Free your mind free your body” CD 25zł / 7,00 EUR (Pasażer)
CYMEON X “Free your mind free your body” MC 10zł / 3,00 EUR (Enigmatic)
CYMEON X “Live” MC 10zł / 3,00 EUR (Refuse)
CYMEON X “Pokonać samego siebie” LP 39zł / 10,00 EUR (Pasażer)
CYMEON X “Pokonać samego siebie” CD 29zł / 8,00 EUR (Pasażer)
REGRES “Nie patrzeć wstecz” 12″ (black vinyl) 35zł / 9,00 EUR (Refuse)
REGRES “Nie patrzeć wstecz” 12″ (red vinyl) 40zł / 10,00 EUR (Refuse)
REGRES “Nie patrzeć wstecz” 12″ test press 60zł / 15,00 EUR (Refuse)
REGRES “Nie patrzeć wstecz” mcd 20zł / 5,00 EUR / (Refuse)
REGRES “Ta iskra wciąż płonie” 12″ 30zł (In Our Hands)
REGRES “Ta iskra wciąż płonie” mcd 25zł (In Our Hands)
REGRES “W naszych dloniach” MCD 20zł / 5 EUR (Refuse) ost. egzemplarze
REGRES “Punk Rock Pozytyw” CD 25zł / 7,00 EUR (Refuse)

In other news, CYMEON X are releasing their new 12” called “Animal Friendly”. Go here to see the details.


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