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Czech hardcore punks GATTACA release new album; listen!

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The official Fluff Fest website has released the full stream of the newest LP from Czech harsh, screamy hardcore punks GATTACA. “Monumenty selhání (Monuments of failure)” marks their first new music in 4 years and can be heard below!

The official street date fo this record is October 1st via Rope or GuillotineContraszt! and MxFxL labels!

The new LP Monumenty selhání (Monuments of failure) coming 4 years after the last one is the stuff that makes you wanna go back to the times when you were not cynical and in your thirties and you were blasting His Hero Is Gone and Madame Germen through your second hand speakers. The layers of melodic guitars and the variations of passionate vocals combined with loud and angry music make this a pleasure to listen to. Perhaps, this is the most personal record of Gattaca so far. / Fluff Fest

Recorded by the band at SF Mini / Mixed & Mastered by Amák at Golden Hive / Spoken word: Dan N. / Cover photo: Jinřich Jandečka / Layout: Petr Bláha

“Our positions, their positions, power struggles for one of many thousands of perspectives. We’re burning the points of view to ashes and with them we draw other truths that can shed tears, caress and comfort our conscience. Us – enough! Our war is over – with a grin we utter: “Now, shall the others endeavour.” We measure the suffering of others with an immeasurable degree of experienced suffering, we give advice from our safe havens and turn our heads away. The era of indulgence persists, you can buy truth at every corner, but facts are facts. We know but we do not want to see.”

GATTACA live shows:

28.09. cz / praha
11.10. at / salzburg
12.10. at / innsbruck
25.10. cz / liberec
26.10. cz / vernéřovice
27.10. tba
22.11. at / wien
23.11. tba
13.12. cz / olomouc
14.12. sk / trnava
15.12. cz / brno

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