D.C. experimental punk rockers PUFF PIECES touring Europe on May and June

Washington, D.C.’s PUFF PIECES are releasing a new 7″ single, Born 2 Die, this June on Lovitt Records. The single is a follow up to their full-length “Bland in D.C.” which was released last year. The A-side was recorded last year at Inner Ear Studios with Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara. The B side is a remix of the same song titled “Born to Cry.” The band will be going to Europe for the first time in a few weeks – see the dates below.

In 2012, at the behest of Mike Andre, a reluctant Justin Moyer (E.D. Sedgwick/Supersystem) and Amanda Huron (Weed Tree/Caution Curves) were conscripted into helping Mike play and record some unrealized songs he had floating around. After a series of precarious fits and starts, the band coalesced into a semi-stable entity known as Puff Pieces in 2013 and began playing shows. Based on their experiences in various now-defunct bands (Amanda and Mike in Vertebrates, and Mike and Justin in Antelope), and long-term involvement in D.C.’s punk and noise scenes, Puff Pieces strives to destroy the bland hegemony of their city’s condo-crazed culture with a mix of melody and nervous dissonance.

5/12: Brentwood, MD @ Carni’s House w/ Street Eaters and Broken Grids

May 18th – Berlin, Germany @ Monarch
May 19th – Leipzig, Germay @ Handstand & Moral
May 20th – Erlangen , Germany @ JuKuZ
May 21st – Prague , Czech Republic @ 007
May 22nd – Krakow, Poland @ Warsztat
May 23rd – Brno, Czech Republic @ Kabinet Muz
May 24th – Zagreb, Croatia @ KSET
May 25th – Vienna, Austria @ Venster99
May 26th – Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic @ Ostinato Festival
May 27th – Würzburg, Germany @ Kellerperle
May 28th – Duisburg, Germany @ Djäzz
May 29th- Antwerp, Belgium @ Cafe Cabron
May 30th – Paris, France @ La Comedia
Maay 31st – Kiel, Germany @ TBA
June 1st – Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
June 2nd – Potsdam, Germany @ Black Fleck

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