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Grind crust punks HERIDA PROFUNDA drops a new filthy split with powerviolent hardcore pack HELLO BASTARDS; hits European roads this August!

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It’s no secret that grindcore and powerviolence are one of the most formidable powers in the hardcore scene. Over the last years, we’ve watched hundreds of bands emerge, but only few engaged, political punk fueled groups grow exponentially. London’s HELLO BASTARDS and their younger kindred spirits in crust grindcore hybrid HERIDA PROFUNDA (go here to see our previous features) are certainly good examples of dedicated activists with a desire to make punk political again. They have joined their forces for a killer new split record on WOOAAARGH, Deviance, 783 punx, Hecatombe Records and N.I.C. Records, and we’re super stoked to share it with you below!

Offering asylum to those in need of refuge or better living conditions away from war, violence, persecution & economic slavery is a basic human right that must be respected and supported.

Stop war and Fascism, not people!! Refugees always welcome!!

HERIDA PROFUNDA will be injecting this antidote to the modern world’s struggles on a series of live shows in August – see the full schedule and flyers below!



03/08/2017 CZ, Prague @ secret location
04/08/2017 AU, Vienna @ Pankahyttn
05/08/2017 CRO, Pula @ Monte Paradiso Festival 2017
06/08/2017 CRO, Pula day off
07/08/2017 SLO, Ljubljana @ Jalla Jalla Akc Metelkova 
08/08/2017 S, Biel @ Schrottbar
09/08/2017 S, Lausanne @ TBA
10/08/2017 FR, Paris @ La Comédia
11/08/2017 ENG, London @ T.Chances – Chimpy Fest 2017
12/08/2017 NL, Leiden @ CAB03


HERIDA PROFUNDA Summer Tour 2017 1

HERIDA PROFUNDA Summer Tour 2017 2

HERIDA PROFUNDA Summer Tour 2017 3

HERIDA PROFUNDA Summer Tour 2017 1

HERIDA PROFUNDA Summer Tour 2017 6


HERIDA PROFUNDA Summer Tour 2017 5

HERIDA PROFUNDA Summer Tour 2017 4

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