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DAGGERS reveal their claustrophobic blend of punk and metal in new singles – listen!

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In the winter of 2023, DAGGERS, a Belgian band known for their distinctive crust-infused hardcore sound, returned to the studio to create their fifth full-length album, entitled “The Fable of the Bees“. In this new release, the band expands their musical horizons and delves deeper into emotional territories, showcasing a newfound sincerity and maturity that does not compromise their characteristic grittiness.

With guitars that emit a sense of gloom from the abyss, accompanied by unyielding drum beats and gravelly yet soulful vocals, the six tracks in “The Fable of the Bees” are evidence of a band that is unpredictable and unique. DAGGERS skillfully avoids the common tropes of hardcore punk and noise rock, instead creating a desolate and haunting soundscape that is entirely their own.

Over their years of existence, DAGGERS has strived to create a sound that is truly their own, and this new album is a testament to their success in achieving that goal. Their music takes on a hypnotic and noisy approach that captures their claustrophobic blend of punk and metal with ruthless and vicious intensity.

Each track in “The Fable of the Bees” is recorded organically in a live setting, adding to the raw energy and passion that the band brings to their music.

Today, we’re giving you the first opportunity to hear one of their new tracks, “Sentinel” and “Of Cinders“.

The song ‘Sentinel‘ blends various musical genres, starting with hard rock, followed by a ska beat and ending with a mix of stoner and blues elements.

In contrast, ‘Of Cinders‘ is a hardcore-punk track that was intentionally created to be raw and trashy, with no other particular aim on the album.

Speaking about their new offering, the band comments: “We started working on tracks Thierry brought at the beginning of 2022 and everything came together quite easily.”

“We wanted this album to sound the same on record as live so the songs are quite rough, no frills and more direct that what we used to compose. Our quest for timeless and memorable riffs is never ending and we truly think high dynamics and contrast are the key to the songs we write and we keep enjoying playing.”

DAGGERS by Julien Diels
DAGGERS by Julien Diels

“The artwork made by Thierry Tönnes was meant to be a variation of the album cover, but as we were doing a photo shoot on top of the Highway Holidays building, the images came out pretty good.” – says the band. “They looked like an 80’s high school portrait with a relaxed attitude that fits the musical direction of our new album, more true to ourselves than ever.”

The record was recorded at a breakneck speed to achieve a raw sound with a garage edge. The recording was done live, and the mixing was completed in four days by Thibault Schouters at KOKO Studio in Sprimont. The mastering was done by Adrien Schockert in Brussels.

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