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Dallas beatdown hardcore / deathcore heavy hitters SAFE ROOM discuss new brutal EP “Texas Hostility”

Safe Room
Fresh off its release on Austin, Texas’ Goodjunkie Records and Canada’s Wormwood Records, “Texas Hostility” EP from Dallas based beatdown hardcore / deathcore act SAFE ROOM is not for the faint of heart. Today, we’re giving it some deserved space with quick track by track rundown and some new bands recommendations, shared by the SAFE ROOM themselves.

Based upon relentless lyrics and a explosion of sheer violence, “Texas Hostility” makes no attempt at the charts and is aimed at the fierce niche canon that inspired it in the first place. Unleash the beast if you’re looking for some crushing brutality and check out the band’s guest commentary below.

Brutally heavy and ready to kick your teeth in, this is an impressive debut and WILL make you want to throw hands. – Wormwood Records

Track by track commentary:

Lost Memory is about hatred towards a person an wanting to make there whole world suffer an taking everything that means something to them

We would like to thank Matt Alvarez for the music video for Lost Memory.

Son is about betrayal an everything you’ve ever known your whole life was all a lie.

Out Of Hatred is about fighting this on going battle about race an how we’re done with it an dealing with on going police brutality an we’re not putting up with it anymore.

Enemy Mind is about dealing with your inner demons every single day an being done with it all.

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