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Drawing music: art project LOVESICK BOMBS premiere new rock anthem “Arms Forward”

The art & music collective known as LOVESICK BOMBS are set to release a 4-song EP and corresponding art pieces entitled This Is The End on November 12th.  This EP & art pack continues NYC-via-Bay-Area punk John Redmond’s curation of the Drawing Music series which brings together talented visual artists and rock n roll musicians to produce collaborative songs with corresponding inspired art pieces.

This Is The End follows a series of single releases and serves as the first extended-length release from Lovesick Bombs. Expanding on their previous work, this collection continues to blur the boundaries between punk rock, zine culture, and visual art; creating a meeting place where ideas are hashed out, life is reflected upon, and creativity is explored.

Today, we’re pleased to give you the project’s new earworm single “Arms Forward”, an energizing new track that promises an outstanding record!

Asked about the idea behind the song, John commented: “The music and the art was intended to invoke the feeling of a “drunken circus” while the lyrical narrative directly describes the need for a celebration in rebellion to adulthood.”one more song, one more bottle, one more night to prove that we are still young”.”

This incarnation of LOVESICK BOMBS is Doug Zambon (The Vansaders) – Vocals, Mike Ligocki (Habits) – Vocals, Kyle Burkett (Night Surf) – Drums, Dan Rapatski – Guitar, Marie Kim (Blank Paper) – Piano, Mark Helfman (Night Surf) – Bass

The four songs on This Is The End run the gamut from lo-fi acoustic cuts to carnivalesque synth-led pop-punk. Across this sonic spectrum a theme of transition remains ever present, with each track representing a turning point in life; sometimes painted as a welcomed change and other times clearly describing a darkness that often accompanies something’s end. Opening track “All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)” is an acoustic reimagining of the Hank Williams Jr. classic and features Chris Chresswell of Canadian punk band The Flatliners . In this incarnation “All My Rowdy Friends” sets the lyrical tone for This Is The End; delivering a plea from a protagonist who is missing his drinking buddies that have gone clean or been domesticated.

The following two tracks stray into more familiar Lovesick Bombs territory, replete with crunching power chords, guttural vocals and punching drums. “The Apartment” is the song that inspired the original cover artwork & the EP title itself. The track tells the story of a hard partying Brooklyn couple dealing with the end of that era in their lives. “The party ended long ago, even though they still dance on. But this is the end”.

Arms Forward” is a track that Redmond describes as a “drunken circus” with the lyrical narrative describes the need for celebration in rebellion to adulthood.”one more song, one more bottle, one more night to prove that we are still young”.

Arms Forward, by Melina Burhan

Arms Forward, by Melina Burhan

This Is The End concludes with “Mikey’s Song”, a track with special meaning to Redmond. He explains, “This song & art to me best sums up the collaborative culture of the Drawing Music series in general. Lyrically it follows the EP’s narrative of change, but the recording which is just a live iphone recording sent via a text chain came about from one contributing musician from a NJ band sharing an instrumental piece with another contributing musician from Georgia, and that musician taking the melody from that instrumental and sending back “Mikey’s Song”. As the curator of the Drawing Music Series, I felt thankful to see that kind of collaboration happen in real time via a simple txt chain, and decided to put it out in the it’s original form. “

The EP will be found streaming on all digital platforms, with the art prints available at lovesickbombs.com & various comic book shops through-out the US.

The Apartment, by Michelle Thibodeau-

The Apartment, by Michelle Thibodeau

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