KURSHA hardcore band

Dark hardcore mob KURSHA rips with new 3-tracker “Грехи отцовы”

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Coming from Southwestern Russia city Samara, metallic hardcore act KURSHA bring an unequivocal body of dark matter, founded on ferocious sound, gloomy moods and powerful dynamics that will make you want to repeat the ominous experience. The band just dropped their new EP “Грехи отцовы” that is both devastating and fulfilling, and we took this chance to learn more about their work and what we believe serves as more nuanced look at the genre. Launch the beast below and you be the judge.

We formed KURSHA in Autumn of 2015 in Samara, Russia. Two core members are guitarist Dmitry Morozov and vocalist Dmitry Ustimenko. A lot of drummers and several bass players have been in the band since 2015, and it seems we finally have the desired set-up that lets us broadcast our intended sound.

KURSHA hardcore band

We toured Russia in 2018 (11 cities) and soon after the trek released our first LP “Лес” (“Forest”) and one off single “Сын” (“Son”).

In 2019 the band gain a new drummer and released EP “Черта” (“Line”). Our style has evolved from rather slow, gloomy dark hardcore to wicked metallic hardcore with breakdowns and blastbeats.

When it comes to other projects we’re involved in, our bass player Andrey Klimushkin plays in death metal band Senamirha, and our vocalist Dmitry sings in post-black / depressive black band Dolores. All members have been active in many bands, but Kursha is the first band with proper local reputation, quality live performances and good potential.

KURSHA hardcore band

Songs on the new EP were created between 2018 and 2019, and currently we’re on focused on performing these tracks in live setting. After the recent replacement of our drummer, these tracks received a whole new sound. We recorded this EP in two studios in Samara (ELEVATOR Records and BASEMENT Records), and mixing and mastering was done by Mikhail Kurochkin.

KURSHA hardcore band

Lyrically, all songs focus on human vices and sins.

Future wise, we’re planning several home and away concerts after quarantine is lifted.

Local scene in Samara is in full bloom

Bands like WLVS, Supruga, HANYGA FLEX, MIRNY, room, Crucifuzz, “виноваты будни“, Youngbrother, Medoed., “убей моё лето под песни цикад”, “такие большие высоты” and others are keeping the scene alive!

Other bands worth a check.

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Skrik – Жупелъ

KURSHA hardcore band

OFFRET– Зверь – see IDIOTEQ feature HERE

Supruga – Никто не в безопасности

Dolores – Solitary

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