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Dave Hause interviewed by Alternative Press

Alternative Press talked to our beloved Dave Hause about his new 7” and much more. Check it out.

Pray For Tucson is comprised of two songs from Resolutions and two covers of songs by Strike Anywhere and the Trouble. Why did you choose to re-record these songs and what did you do to change it up?
I recorded Resolutions in one shot, full-band and once I started playing live, people were like, “Hey, we love the record, but are you going to do a B-sides kind of thing where you do the alternate versions of how you play them live?” When I tour, I just tour by myself [so it sounds completely different]. I figured it would be cool to do different versions and then it dawned on me that the way that I structured Resolutions’ release was [with a one record contract].

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Photo by adam.gasson.

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