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DEAD AHEAD (AUTOPILOT OFF / WITH THE PUNCHES members) streaming new music; announce new EP

Newburgh, New York’s DEAD AHEAD have announced their debut self-titled EP, due out October 9th via Panic State Records. Featuring members of AUTOPILOT OFF and WITH THE PUNCHES, the band offer a finely-honed brand of aggressive, yet highly melodic punk rock. DEAD AHEAD have teamed with Substream Magazine to premiere the first single from the EP, “Cold Truth.” Substream commented, “Dead Ahead is more than the sum of their parts—their self-titled debut EP is blast after blast of emotionally tinged melodic punk rock designed to cut to your core, get you off your ass and back in the game.”

Featuring Jesse Vadala of With The Punches on lead vocals, Rob Kucharek of Autopilot Off on bass, Johnny Keane of Measured In Grey on guitar, and rounded out by Dennis O’Brien on drums, Newburgh, NY’s Dead Ahead formed in 2013 with modest intentions. With their previous bands all in various forms of inactivity, the inescapable desire to make new music brought the members together. Driven by the goal of creating music they love as reason enough, Dead Ahead quietly began writing songs, playing shows, and honing their sound. Now, in partnership with Panic State Records, the band are ready to release their self-titled debut EP and share their music with a wider audience.

Drawing influence from a wide range of melodic punk heavyweights, as well as incorporating elements of their previous bands, Dead Ahead’s music is lean and direct, packing a sonic punch without sacrificing strong hooks. The palpable sense of urgency inDead Ahead’s sound belies the band’s restraint from immediately releasing music to the public. This discipline has paid off in the form of an extremely accomplished debut EP; four songs of finely-tuned, passionate punk rock, that will speak to everyone from the jaded lifer to the enthusiastic newbie, proof that there will always be a place for music created with honesty and care.

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