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Eclectic metallers SOMA discuss “Locker Room”, their newest blend of sludge, jazz, and noise

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Gdańsk, Poland based SOMA has been carving out a niche with their eclectic fusion of genres, creating a soundscape that is both challenging and immersive. With their latest EP, “Locker Room” (mentioned in our final #InShorts wrap-up), SOMA not only transcends their previous work but also sets a new standard in their eclectic journey.

SOMA’s music, a blend of mathy metal, post hardcore, sludge, and jazz, introduces an experimental approach where noise elements collide with a melodic structure that defies conventional genre boundaries. Their early days, characterized by a safer interplay between sludge and groove metal, positioned them as competent yet undistinguishable in a crowded scene. However, with “Locker Room,” SOMA has opted for a bold reinvention, integrating unexpected elements like progressive rock and experimental music into their mathcore backbone.

Critically, the EP has been described as a refreshing departure from predictability. The opening track immediately clarifies this shift, featuring a daring blend of influences that signal a clear departure from the safety of previous endeavors. The integration of a jazz-infused saxophone and the chaos of a math metal riff showcases SOMA’s newfound courage to innovate within and beyond genre constraints.

Despite its strengths, “Locker Room” is not without its challenges. The production has been noted as the weakest link, with some critiques pointing out a lack of cohesion in mixing and mastering, which occasionally undermines the band’s eclectic identity. Nevertheless, these moments do not detract from the overall experience, instead highlighting the raw and experimental nature of the EP.

SOMA live by Milan Grześkowiak
SOMA live by Milan Grześkowiak

SOMA’s commitment to their craft is further evident in their detailed track-by-track commentary provided alongside the EP. Songs like “Infuriating” and “Fight-Or-Flight” reflect a deliberate deconstruction of previous musical formulas, incorporating diverse influences from 60s/70s fusion to noise and punk, demonstrating a complex but coherent sonic evolution.

SOMA drummer by Milan Grześkowiak
SOMA drummer by Milan Grześkowiak

Moreover, “Locker Room” serves as a promising indicator of SOMA’s potential in live performances. The band’s technical skills and the EP’s layered composition suggest that their concerts would offer a compelling exploration of their music’s dynamic range.

SOMA live by Milan Grześkowiak
SOMA live by Milan Grześkowiak

Today, we’re stoked to give you a special track by track rundown by SOMA, where the band members elucidate each song’s creative journey and inspirations on the “Locker Room” EP.

Additionally, SOMA has curated a playlist featuring recommended tracks that represent the quintessence of their musical vision.

Track by track commentary:

Infuriating – First song that we composed after our regroup as a band after a brief break caused by changes in line up. It is song that we often call a “transition song” since it has a lot of elements that were present in our previous album, but is also enriched with noise-like elements with a lot of sound layers added into the song and jazzy approach with Allan Holdsworth’s inspired guitar solo.

Fight-Or-Flight – A complete turning of the then current musical convention upside down. This track was not really “composed” in any way since it was created during warm up jam on one of our rehearsals. The form that we played then is the one that you can hear on the album. There were some improvements and small rearangements but core stayed the same. This song features a lot of different infuences with 60’s/70’s fusion on the top.

SOMA band by Milan Grześkowiak
SOMA band by Milan Grześkowiak

FUSS – With this song we wanted to get a grip of more punk-ish and combative approach. We wanted to create a song that would not only be heavy and experimental, but also catch an ear of secondary listener and get him interested into our music. We started out with surf rock inspired lead guitar line and then added more layers. What really gives this song a lot of drive is Iacopo’s catchy bassline.

Talk To Me – Song heavily rooted in hardcore. Fast but melodic with solo being a bit inspired by the Simpson’s theme. Atmospheric outro was not really planned, after recording guitar, Jakub (guitar player) just went with it and recorded it spontaniously during the same take adding ambient layers later.

SOMA by Milan Grześkowiak
SOMA by Milan Grześkowiak

Another Life – Sample from the beginning was taken from Robert Eggers “Lighthouse” and placing this sound in DAW Project was what really started process of this song being created. This one definitely gives away our grunge influences with Alice In Chains style vocals and overall melody. Synth section at the end was something we never did before, but it was idea in our heads for a long time.


Sanguine – One of the most complex and technically challenging yet very melodic and fun to play with vocals giving it a bit of a gothic vibe. A lot of different influences and ideas are packed into that song but we are happy with results. What is also really cool about playing this song is fact that second half always comes out a bit different with a lot of space for guitar and sax improv.

An Eclectic Blend – the playlist

SOMA’s selection of reccomended and inspiring tracks worth a good listen.

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