DEADRISE calls it quits (2007-2012)

Belgrade, Serbia’s DEADRISE has just announced they are parting their ways. Scroll down to see the official word.

Here’s a quick sharp translation of their official statement, issued in Serbian:

Dear friends,

After more than five years, a heavy heart, we decided to put an end to Deadrise.

The band have made in the spring of 2007, Ceva, Bunny, Pegan and I (Mark) in order to get as much hang out and play, and through texts influence on people from the scene. From the very beginning, we set a very ambitious, and we are in the first year of existence, they released two EPs and played over 20 concerts throughout the region.

This decision was not made overnight. The first major problem we encountered was Peganov departure from the band, who made us all very hit and after that it was clear to us that more Deadrise will not be part of what it once was. A year after that followed my throat problems for which I had to take a break in the singing of 8 months and why to this day I have problems. All of us, this is very slow and we spent almost the whole enthusiasm. Because of so many breaks, the perception of the band began to differ significantly, mostly in terms of music. Music we are separated to the extent that we have lost any creativity and ideas.

We will not lie, there were fights, but none would be on an individual basis. We have reached the point where we agreed to everything about our friendship except for the band. Poredivši what it once was, and what it could be, we decided to dissolve the band.

Of course, we did not and we will not stop hanging out because that’s what we were gathered and foremost. Also, we will all continue playing by hardcore bands, and together, they separated.

After all, I’m very sorry for Deadrise’s, because it’s the same provided the most beautiful moments in life. On the other hand, we are proud of the fact that we have never compromised and we have not changed their views for which we have from the start gave up a good part of the potential audience. We’ve never been a band that everyone can listen to and not be pushed to where we do not belong. We have never asked for money to play (except for travel expenses and food). We never kicked anyone out of the band! …

Thank everyone who supported us from the beginning – we organized the concert, we were shooting in the studio, singing our songs at concerts … Thanks to those who made us forget the time we were them, the favorite local band” :)

Thanks to everyone who in some way helped our band, and we hope to understand this difficult decision.


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