DEADWALK news and plans for 2012

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Montreal metal/hardcore band DEADWALK will be releasing a new song by the end of January. The band will be also seeking a new label to sign to (previously signed under Year Of The Sun Records).

A new song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson of CRYPTOPSY.

The band will also be touring Canada and USA in Summer 2012.


Here’s the official bio:

Deadwalk has been devastating the world of hardcore for the last 5 years and although the band is of a youthful caliber, they are far from inexperienced. From their debut EP “Powerhouse” to their brand new full length album “Scandalous”, the Montreal quintet has been breaking down barriers to make way for their own breed of hardcore.

In 2007, Deadwalk’s independently released EP, “Powerhouse”, took the Canadian music scene by storm which and saw the band slowly cultivate an extreme dedicated following in both Quebec and Ontario. Having landed countless opportunities to share the stage with heavy hitting hardcore acts such as Emmure, Bring Me The Horizon, Elysia and Bury Your Dead, the band gained the opportunity to branch out into neighboring provinces. However, in 2008 the band encountered a myriad of lineup changes and other obstacles to the extent that there was a time when it looked as though the band would be derailed for good. Lucky for hardcore fans that ex-Too Pure to Die vocalist Greg Kepka joined forces with guitarist Jon Donnelly and together forged a new batch of raw and intense songs which would become part of the band’s debut LP. With the band officially becoming part of the Year of the Sun Records family in 2008, it wasn’t long before they had their first full length record in the bag and slated for release.

“I think when we took a look at Deadwalk we saw both a raw and aggressive band but also a band that has an amped up passion for both the music they create and the music scene in general,” label president C. Benner stated, “A lot of bands say similar things about their commitment level but Deadwalk takes it to the next level which makes them a perfect fit for our roster. One listen to their new record and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

Quite frankly “Scandalous”, which was produced by Mat Laperle (Blind Witness) is the hardcore record that fans of the genre have been waiting for. It’s raw, over the top, and just plain heavy allowing for songs like “Frailty” and “8 mm” to bounce just as much as they beat down. It’s a dynamic experiment that’s replaced the recent contrived aspects of the hardcore genre with more simple characteristics. What’s resulted is an angry and fun album that’s destined to be placed beside Bury Your Dead’s legendary “Cover Your Tracks” record. So, in the words of vocalist Greg Kepka, “Get moving or get knocked the fuck out!”

FOR FANS OF: Elysia, Seventh Star, Bury Your Dead, and Too Pure To Die.

DEADWALK – “Frailty” (feat. Jesse from STICK TO YOUR GUNS)

DEADWALK – “It’s All Gone To Hell”:

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  1. I imagine DEADWALK will be releasing a new song by the end of January someone like it. The band will also be touring Canada and USA in Summer 2012. I apprised for this idea.

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