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DEAFHEAVEN vocalist starts new label!

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George Clarke has teamed up with Derek Prine to start a new label called All Black Recording Company. Their first release will be a new LP from Oakland’s d-beat hardcore band BLACK MONOLITH, due out this April.


George and Derek commented:

We’ve seen the success bands have had using unconventional means such as crowd sourcing. It’s obvious to us that people want to support the bands who write the music that people listen to and enjoy, not their management or other middle men. We want that too. We promise to always put our bands first. Our bands will receive the majority of profits from every purchase made. Every record, every shirt, every download, every time, no exceptions. This isn’t a business for us, nor do we have any allusions of becoming rich. This is something that we are doing to support our bands and to share their music with friends and anyone else who enjoys music.


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