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Thrash grind death metallers COLD BLOODED hit the mark with their ferocious new tune “Red Right Hand”

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Spokane, WA grind and crust tinged thrash/death metal band COLD BLOODED are soon to release their new album Throneburner on Blackhouse Records and we’re thrilled to give you an early stream of their new vicious track called “Red Right Hand”! Tearing through insane riffs and taking death metal to its limits, the song brings considerable technical finesse to an album that works within the framework of the well tried formula, and promises an action packed record that’s filled with a bunch of varied rhythms, textures and ideas how to make an extreme metal record a captivating listen.

Throneburner is out July 21stv on Blackhouse Records.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Ethan Kennedy shared the following:

“Red Right Hand is about someone who has totally snapped an is taking their aggression out on society. I was interested in exploring that head space after numerous tragedies happened over the last few years,school shootings,stabbings, all the American Carnage that has taken its toll on the psyche of the US. All the songs on Throneburner are written from the different viewpoints an experiences of the people of this country as they navigate these murky waters.”

He added on the the album’s title and lyrical through-line for the songs:

“In the past I wrote lyrics inspired by books or films that affected me. However with Throne Burner I started writing shortly before the presidential election and I knew no matter who won, a good deal of this country would be supremely pissed off and extremely divided. I wrote about all the negativity and violence in America and the influences that in turn has on our society. Some songs are from the perspective of someone directly affected by the violence, some deal with those of us viewing it in the media and even to the perspective of someone who wants to perpetrate the violence.”

COLD BLOODED has shared stages with artists including Exodus, Decapitated, Fuck The Facts and The Black Dahlia Murder.

Another new track called “Forever War” was released on June 23rd via New Noise Magazine:

To further hone the sonic chaos the band enlisted Topon Das of avant-grind freaks, Fuck The Facts to contribute several sound-collage interludes (as well as master the record).  Speaking on Das’s relationship to the band Kennedy related “we’ve opened for Fuck The Facts several times and they are one of our favorite bands.  We also bonded because our old drummer owns a food truck of some renown and we invited them down after a show to gorge themselves.  That definitely solidified our friendship.”  Speaking on Das’s interludes Kennedy continues “he really went out of his way to get our input into what we wanted for those segments to even revising what he did based on my opinion.  In the end he created some very palpable moods/messages that fit the album perfectly.”

Rounded out by Chris Williams (guitar/vocals), Matt Simmons (bass) and Joel Visterfield (drums) Cold Blooded has been together since 2013.  Haunting live venues across the Pacific Northwest, the band has opened from artists including The Black Dahlia Murder, Oceano, Iced Earth and Flotsam And Jetsam.  However Cold Blooded’s shining moment was when Gary Holt (Exodus / Slayer) approached them after catching a performance and uttering “that was a rad set!”

The band have several shows confirmed around the record release (listed below) and will also be supporting Decapitated and Thy Art Is Murder in Spokane.


7/20    Spokane, WA           The Pin (Record Release Show!)
8/18    Seattle, WA               The Kraken               Klaw
8/19    Everett, WA               Tony V’s Garage      Klaw, Method 13
8/31    Spokane, WA           The Pin                      Decapitated, Thy Art Is Murder



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