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DEATH OF A NATION (members of VERSE & DEFEATER) premiere new EP

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Introduced through their debut track “Don’t Speak For Me” back in August 2017, DEATH OF A NATION are back with a new self-titled EP, available for streaming below!

All proceeds from the sale of the Death of a Nation EP go to Providence Youth Student Movement, an organization that “envisions a strong, healthy Southeast Asian community free from state, street, and interpersonal violence and organizes at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation by centering youth, female, queer, and people of color leadership in our campaigns, our organization, and our communities. PrYSM mobilizes queer Southeast Asian youth, families, and allies to build grassroots power and organize collectively for social justice.”

The band commented:

We put our ears to the streets of PVD and asked a broad spectrum of local activists/radical comrades on their opinions of local organizations for the youth, some we were already familiar with, some we weren’t. It was eye-opening to get a refresher on social justice and educational groups in the neighborhoods of Providence, RI.

A lot of these options weren’t around or they were very outdated when I was growing up. It’s uplifting to know that there are people out there protecting and nurturing kids that could easily fall prey to the violence of inner city claws.

This comes down to survival and a chance at an empowered life. That is what PrYSM is doing and we respect that not only in a personal correlation sort of way, but as a form of solidarity.

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