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Death To All Tyrants – Dallas punks CASUAL RELAPSE share strong political message with new raging EP

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Coming right at ya as a fierce attack on fake experts, those seeking power, religious exploitation, the established norms, media domination, mental enslavement, rigid conformity, hateful and divisive political tactics, and the shortcomings of the democratic system, “DEATH TO ALL TYRANTS” by Dallas based hardcore punk rippers CASUAL RELAPSE is a continuation of ideas from the band’s previous EP, Mortem ad Tyrannis.

Today we’re giving it a closer look in a short interview with the band below.

The band is: Vox: Jake Walton, Guitar [Lead & Rhythm]: Dan Pedroza, Bass: Q Morris, Drums: Bryan “Lu” Brantley

Casual Relapse

“We speak a lot about the frustration that comes with seeing the people that are elected to positions of power take every advantage and back door to get what they want for their own personal gain; whether that be political control or actual money.” – comments the band.

“While at the same time; they take every resourse they can from the people and either blame them or the others around them for the problems the Powers That Be cause to assert their fucked up will on the world. How heavily we are affected by their greed is all a ploy to keep us subjugated to their agenda: and now easily those systems could crumble, if people opened their eyes past the surface.”

The album art, created by one of the band members, is a collage of “People of Negative Influence Throughout History; Around the World”. With heads ranging from Pol Pot and the Koch Brothers to King Leopold II and Tomás de Torquemada; originator of the Spanish Inquisition.

Expounding on its meaning, the band says that the heads shown on this cover just goes to show how much pain and suffering could have been spared throughout time, if the common people of the world were able to do one simple thing, take the heads of those in power.

“All of them chose to rule and inflict violence on those they saw fit, so it is only right that they and those like them get the same treatment.”

Casual Relapse
Casual Relapse

Speaking about each and every track from the EP, CASUAL RELAPSE break it down with short, yet crystal clear message.

Numbered” – Touches on the double standard that Corporate America thrives in. Massive Executive Salaries, Bailouts, and comically low tax rates for the SuperRich, all while their employees are living paycheck-to-paycheck and are choosing between paying their bills or feeding themselves.

Dark Future” – Speaks about the toll that environmental disregard and war-mongering contribute to the collective destruction of mankind and the world around us. Bleeding us and the planet we share dry until the end; destroying what they can in the meantime.

Dogwhistle” – This track stands as our “ACAB” anthem for this EP. The entirety of the Police system in this country is based on harassment and exploitation of marginalized peoples. The system cannot be reformed, because it is functioning as designed: without regard for the working class for the protection the status quo. POLICE WILL NOT SERVE THE PEOPLE UNLESS THEY ARE FORCED TO

Delusion” – This song is an attack on the political sphere as a whole. They lie their way into power, promising a better tomorrow and pushing all blame onto the “other side”. Meanwhile, they conspire together to consolidate power; but find every way to divide us.

Another Headache” – this song speaks to the worker’s plight. The mental, physical, and soul-crushing toll that goes into just making it from day to day; because decision-makers choose what’s best for their bottom line, rather than the good for those propping them up.

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