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DEATH TOLL 80K’s ‘Harsh Realities’ LP now available!

Wow, this is what I call a harsh kick in the ass. From what I’ve just heard, only good things and devastating riffs will arive to the ears of grindcore fans from DEATH TOLL 80k. This is top quality stuff. Play it and you be the judge.

Each LP comes with a digital download code. Head over to Give Praise Records to grab your copy and taste the whole thing below.

1. Nothing In Common
2. Control
3. Taught to Consume
4. No Escape
5. Modern-Day Slavery
6. Piss-stained Press
7. Purchased Happiness
8. Crippled and Dead
9. Cycle of Misery
10. False Comfort
11. Shepherd

1. Collateral Murder
2. Drunk on Authority
3. Empty Pose
4. Traditions
5. Bleak
6. Commodities
7. Profiting on Fear
8. Maskmen
9. Sickened
10. Civilian Targets
11. Manipulated
12. Harsh Realities

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