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DEATH’S GRIP premieres 2 live tracks from BORN FREE and TIME CRISIS

Listen to these heavy jams below and scroll down to read the official word. BORN FREE / TIME CRISIS split tapes coming soon through Death’s Grip!

So many moons ago now the homies in born free did an “evil hands” tour. They took with them sydney’s controlled, brisbane’s time crisis and woolongong’s sundial.

Along that tour they stopped in, one fate filled night, at god’s country (newcastle, australia) and without a word said, the night of many peoples lives was had. Everyone got on the fucken turps and turned down for what, i personally did not get on the turps, i did have a mighty slap on the pokes and boy were they paying.

This here is a rendering of that night, a brief momento of what it truly is to be fueled with woodstock and unchained at newy’s finest gay bar, the small ballroom.

A small glimpse into the ins and outs, the highs and lows, the ebb and flow of what it truly is to be novocastrian. Nobody from newcastle will ever allow you to claim that you bleed red and blue but this small audio moment allows you to peer through the looking glass and experience what it wouldve been like to have your heart skip a beat when darren albert scored that final try in 1997, to have laughed until you cried at the thought of daniel john’s fighting someone over having them call his dog “a faggot dog” or felt an amazing sense of pride every time that photo of andrew johns skating down king street with a can of piss in each hand surfaces on the internet.

Alotta you will be thinking “but bro, these arent newy bands man?” and to that i agree with you, however just because downside didnt play this night and you never got to mosh to dropsaw and dont even know who no second chances were doesnt mean you cant appreciate the the spine tingling chills and atmosphere that only a 100+ people newy hardcore show can bring.

Now this rare moment was intended to be released as a double cassette tape with both ill natured and mood swing. However as both bands were informed they were being recorded, rather than stay relatively sober and play well, they got newy levels of drunk and played “less than perfectly” and are now not keen to have their sets surface due to shame.

I for one am a man that believes in accountability and think that the sets should go up and they should be forced to live with it and learn a lesson regarding making good and poor decisions, a lesson which will be immediately forgotten as they play the others “rain dance” tour.

So rather than playing judge, jury and set poster, i give you the opportunity to assist me in making this double cassette release a reality. If 100 people write “cowards” collectively on mood swing and ill natured’s walls, i will throw the sets up and the double tape will surface and an additional born free set for your listening pleasure.

If we dont hit 100 within a week, then these two sets will be released as a live split tape in their own right and will be available for purchase.

Sounds fair?

Here’s another new track by TIME CRISIS called “Rise And Fall”:
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