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“A Human Artefact”: vegan straight edge warrior FORWARD TO EDEN premieres debut LP

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German death / black metal infused vegan straight edge one-man act FORWARD TO EDEN (Tim Rule of Bound By Modern Age Records) breathes new life into 90s metalcore with his supercharged debut LP on Bound By Modern Age Records (GER) & Catalyst Records (USA) in mid-May, and we’re pleased to give you an early stream, along with the full track-by-track breakdown below!

Being straight edge vegan, the consequence of many dedicated people who want a better world, has been always something that I respected emensely and I am proud to present the following manifesto.

“A Human Artefact” by FORWARD TO EDEN comes out May 12th on 12″ via Bound By Modern Age & Catalyst Records, CD via Bound By Modern Age & Mark My Words Records, and tape through HEAL Records & Diorama Records. The record was recorded in a 100% DIY manner at the BBMA Lair and the Castigator Rehersalroom, mixed & mastered by Fre Deconsecrate in his awesome mancave. All lyrics by Tim Rule have been inspired by the Vegan Straight Edge. Artwork for the record was created by Chris Jordan and taken from his 09’s “Midway: Message from the Gyre” Series.

These show the carcasses of dead baby albatrosses, choked to death from the lethal quantities of plastic scrap they have been fed by their parents, who couldn’t find anything else to eat for them in the vast polluted Pacific Ocean they call their home.



Since humans developed the skills to alter nature, they started to create what the follow-up generations would refer to as “artefacts”. A cultural artefact is always something typical and defining for a certain era; something that reflects the spirit of that age. Most of these artefacts occur naturally and unintentionally, they are not primarily made to give information or serve a particular purpose for the posterity; but nevertheless they do. As I understand it, it is a sacred duty to conscientiously deal with the subject of the artefact of our generation and the artefact of humanity as a whole; will it be another object of exorbitant splendour, manufactured by any means, despite any consequences to others with the aim to simply line the pocket of some so-called “elite” individual? Will it be an outstanding piece of craftsmanship; designed to kill in an unprecedented manner, to ensure the survival of a nation or to inflict fear into the hearts of their enemies? When I look at our generation and search for “things that will last” and give an indication about the way of life which surrounds us, I cannot avoid seeing the facts of what the current populace are susceptible to and what those who claim to be in command are responsible for: that every year we discard of around 8,000,000 metric tons of plastic into the oceans – which adds to the 150,000,000 metric tons already impacting upon the survival of marine life, which in turn impacts on the survival of all life on this planet – we are urged to consume and give away our hard earned money to buy obsolete electronic scrap which is already outdated before all the stock has been sold; to make way for new models – so we have to keep purchasing in order to keep up with “progress”, landfills are bursting at the seams, as more and more waste is created than designated landfills could possibly contain, leading them to be prone to producing more air pollution and environmental destruction. We have to ask ourselves: What do we want the story which we will tell to future generations to sound like? What do we want to communicate and pass on to the next generation? And, if the days of humanity are already numbered, what do we want the human artefact to be? I do not want to further contribute to a Zeitgeist of war and blight of all that is natural, at the hands of anthropocentric maniacal rulers, who do not speak or act for you or I. I want to instigate a culture of alteration, opting to deliberately become ostracised from the current repulsive miscarriage of justice of the natural law, which surrounds every fibre of our being, from every available angle. To restore the human nature, free from indoctrinated lies and egocentric, self-destructive mindsets, we have to accept our atrocities, change our direction and proceed forward to eden.


To Follow Blind

This is a kinda personal, autobiograhpical song, if you want so. But it could also be about just anyone else… however, it urges you to reflect on your dietary habits. Only through knowledge can we alter our each and every subjective moral compass. Inform yourself on the subjects of Veganism and Carnism. Stop following blindly and start thinking for yourself!


I refused to open my eyes – I did not want to see
And I kept ignoring their cries – what I don’t belief doesn’t happen, no it can’t be!
I never wanted to cause anyone any harm
Never thought that my personal choices would affect the lives on the animal farm
All I ever wanted was to be free and live self-determined
Never thought that my daily choices would make the lifes of others predetermined
But why do I feel such guilt – I am not responsible
Only did what I was told is right – like all the others I followed blind
How can this be, why couldn’t I see?
How can this be right, why was I so blind?
I never wanted to poison, destroy or partake in pollution
Never thought that my impassive life was equivalent to contribution
All I ever wanted was to ease my conscience with a feigned excuse
Never thought about an actual solution never brought myself to refuse
Now all I can think of is to cause anyone any harm
To the ones responsible for the way of suffering on the animal farm
All I still yet want for them is to be free and self-determined
Never again want an animals life to be through my actions predetermined
But then why do I still feel such guilt – For I am not responsible
Only ever did what I was told is right – like all the others as well, I followed blind

A Human Artefact

Each and every one of us must be made aware of their impact on this planet’s environment, the life it inhabits and the correlation within. We must teach ourselves and strive towards a different way of living. Western culture and civilization as such can not prevail. This song is about my own artefact, the mark I want to leave behind, the vegan straight edge.


To augur destruction – Integrity of creation
A human artefact…
Life is no longer a sacred good
And blind are the ones who still believe in
what has fallen apart long since
For life is to eat or to be eaten
But I still refuse to bow down to their false Ideals
For I have sealed these flames deep within my heart
I will never give in, will become a blazing torch
Spreading fire like healing – Vegan Straight Edge
A human artefact – Creation Obsolete
Nature superseded – Mankind self-proclaimed god
But I still refuse to bow down to their false Ideals
For I have sealed these flames deep within my heart
I will never give in, will become a blazing torch myself
Spreading fire like healing in the name of the…
Vegan Straight Edge

Pain And Solitude

More than 150 billion animals worldwide are slaughtered for food every year and even far more endlessly suffer each and every second. We have to recognize and accept that their suffering is also that of a sentient being, which has desires, wishes and thoughts, just like we do. The song is intentionally written from the viewpoint of an unspecified “person”. It can be a poor animal or a human being – would that alone alter the amount of suffering and misery? – you decide.


Pain and solitude defined the first moments of her life
The bleakness surrounds, no ray of hope in sight
Sustainment satisfied, all expedient denied
Thoroughly exposed to horrific sounds,
feeling punished just for being alive
Everything she ever knew was solitude and pain and suffering
Mistreated just for being different to them, no sunbeam ever touched her skin
But in her dreams she is unburdened and free, free, like she will probably never be
She runs and dances in spree just until she wakes up and realizes that she can never flee
How is this fair!? A life in confinement – not granted basic rights
Are you not aware of their pain and suffering?
How is this fair!? Can you look them in the eye and condemn them to death?
Are you not aware of their desires, wishes and thoughts?
How is this fair!? How can this be!?


There is an eternal struggle in all of us, against the demons from within as well as the ever-trying evil, trying to influence us. In that fight, militance isn’t something we should be afraid of, but rather embrace it. Besides also being very personal/autobiographic (especially the first half), this song tries to define and explain the often misunderstood way of the Vegan Jihad.


I can still remember, as if it was just yesterday
When life felt so uncomplicated and light
And I still remember how I thought that this is it,
That this is the way it is supposed to be and that it would never change…
Like waking up out of a dream
Waking up from what I thought was real and sincere
Life, taken, by the hands of death, so cold, ripped my chest in half
These hands, which I evoked myself are now assaulting me, while fear is suffocating me
there is no light that I could see, only harsh reality
Then suddenly, like out of a dream
An angel appeared and showed me my way out from the dark
It burns, inside, burns right through the night, got struck by burning arrows of light
This life, which I threw away will never be the same, once lost cannot be regained,
learned that I have to refrain, new strength is gained through abstention
Abstain from the demons that are trying to persuade
Reborn to fight the eternal struggle of this life
With the heart and the mind, with the hand and the tongue
The eternal struggle of this life
With the heart and the mind, with the hand and the tongue
For the first is to purify, to be prepared, to internalize,
to seek the evil within yourself, to hunt it down, bring it to an end
The second is to speak it out, to bring the truth to those in doubt,
to partake and to proclaim, to cut away and to reclaim
The third is to go outside, take action and don’t step aside
to live the change every single day, to walk the path and pave the way
The fourth is to make it clear the utmost extreme, to inflict fear
A force only to be used when ascended, to answer violence, felonies and offense
Now you believe in violence, well I do too,
But yours is against nature, while mine is against you…
Now you believe in violence, well I do too,
Yours is against nature, mine is against you
Direct Action is the only weapon, that holds true,
A sacred striving for liberation, burning out the root

Proclamation Of Veganocracy

This song is about the wish for, and the strong believe in a coming Veganocracy. May it be in 10, 50 or 100 years from now on, the day will come when humanity as a whole will accept their true and only possible nature.
*VEGANOCRACY = Vegan (the natural way of living, abstention from all animal products = products of suffering) + -ocracy (from Greek -kratia, meaning power or rule = a particular form of government, rule, or influence)


There was a time when it ended at race,
There was a time when it ended at gender,
There was a time when it ended at thought,
And now it is the time when it ends at species
How can you speak of empathy, while your compassion is a heteronomous construct,
arbitrarily specified by people you don’t even know
How can you speak of tolerance, when your acceptance is based on an understanding
shaped from an antiquated society that still holds on to their false-proven views
In the quest for equality, we must proclaim veganocracy
Comprehension must not end at diversity
How dare you speak of empathy, while your compassion is a heteronomous construct,
arbitrarily specified by people you don’t even give a fuck about
How can you even think of tolerance, when your acceptance is based on an understanding
shaped from an antiquated society that still holds on to their false-proven views
Embrace the change and fight for it – defeat this carnistic society
Overcome indoctrination and challenge morality
How can you continue to look away until it hurts to forcefully close your eyes
And how can you still pretend to not hear their screams, while you desperately try to cover your ears
Is it more pleasant to fail to see? Is it just easier to ignore?
How can you speak of transition and change, while you’re wrapped up in ignorance and fear,
from a life you never lead yourself and words that you never dared to speak
How can you even think of revolution, while all you actually care about is yourself;
a polite approach alone won’t do shit, in the end you’ll have to accept reality
In the quest for equality, we must proclaim veganocracy
Comprehension must not end at diversity
There was a time, when someone finally stood up and said no, this is not the way that it should be
There followed the time, when the majority of people accepted it and integrated this mindset
into their own set of moral principles and rules
So there could be a time, when all people can think of a certain discrimination,
may it be due to race, gender or religion, as wrong and reprehensible
And there will be a time, when we look back at our ancestors and say:
“how could we be so barbaric and dumb to hate, oppress and kill.”
Just for a certain order… just for a certain thought…
Just for a certain feel… or just for a certain taste…

My Rebirth

Rather than being a role-model, I am a living negative example and self-memento of what you and I don’t ever want to become. In 2012 I died from years of drug-abuse. My lungs suddenly collapsed and I slowly suffocated. Having seen the other side, I was reborn to seize this life and continue on the right side of this fight. At times I have been a really bad person, but I made the change and so can you. Vegan Straight Edge saved my life and it can do the same for you, even without having to die in first place. For most of us it is easier to be for something than simply against – be for a drug free and compassionate lifestyle. Be for a positive change! XVX


Too blind, self-absorbed. Half a life, been the worst.
To see undisturbed, for me, it had to hurt.
Ruthless left you alone, standing in the dark
When all I had to do was to be with you
Lived a selfish life and ddidn’t know wrong from right
So many opportunities, but I just couldn’t see
Done all these things that I despise
But it’s alright, cause as long as I am fine
I don’t have to give a fuck about your feelings or anyone around
And so I made connections with persons I don’t care (for)
But I wasn’t able to feel the despair
Just numb my feelings whereas I’m losing
the ones that I love so I can keep on moving down
Did all these things deliberately that I despised for my whole life
But also telling me, that it’s alright, because yeah,
you know, as long as I am fine
I don’t have to give a fuck about your feelings
or of those of anyone around
Unable to admit, the life I lead, it had to end…
The life I lead, it had to end, to make space for my rebirth
Reborn from death, to seize this life and to proclaim vegan straight edge
Not to atone, but to defend all those who can’t on our mother earth
Never again, I’ll let my body be the place for the ever trying evil – vegan straight edge
This is my rebirth!

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