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DEEZ NUTS – “What I Gotta Do” video

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DEEZ NUTS have released their “What I Gotta Do” music video, which is the third track to be released from their forthcoming album “Word Is Bond”.

JJ Peters about the track and video:

“I’m really excited to release ‘What I Gotta Do’ – it’s by far the furthest we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone, but still somehow sounds 110% DN. I can’t wait for the world to hear it and I’m very curious to hear what y’all’s vibe on it is. We have actively avoided doing a ‘party’ clip like the plague in the past as it seemed way too obvious for us, but with ‘What I Gotta Do’ being the furthest thing from a party song vocally and lyrically, the juxtaposition of the frenzied party vibe video along with the track makes for a damn near sensory overload. If by watching it you have a thousandth of the fun we had making it, you’ll have a hangover.”

GO HERE and HERE to watch another 2 of the band’s music videos released this year. Head overo here to see their upcoming dates with STICK TO YOUR GUNS, TRASH TALK, and BEING AS AN OCEAN. This June DEZZ NUTS will be touring Australia with ANTAGONIST A.D., RELENTLESS and EARTH CALLER. See the dates below.

DEEZ NUTS on tour in EU

DEEZ NUTS on tour


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