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“Deluminate” – FULL OF HELL unleash new track

Soon after the new album and tour announcement, FULL OF HELL are back with a new track called ‘Deluminate’! The track marks the first single from their new reecord ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy’, to be released on May 6 via Profound Lore Records!


Once more we’re thrust into the vacuum of God’s yawning maw.
A dream of human debt repaid. In fear you live and breath and wait and sleep.
Chambers under asphalt buried far beneath the boiling streets.
There is not a hand to save you from the hunter’s net.
Society is a blister on the skin of the planet.
Man is a pustule on the face of the Earth.
Grace is a harbor for human ugliness.
Free will is a barrel in the celestial mouth.
When Atom splits and the genome melts, will Cain cradle Abel? Sudden death

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