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DEMMERS find light in the dark with new post punk single “Wooden Soldiers”

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New Jersey’s own Demmers, a band composed of members from KIRKBY KISS, LESSER MINDS, SPELL IT OUT, and more, is making waves in the post-punk scene. Following the February release of their single “The Pulse,” the band is now premiering their latest track, “Wooden Soldiers,” available worldwide on digital platforms starting June 14th.

Wooden Soldiers” is a deeply personal track for Demmers.

As the band lyricist shared, “Wooden Soldiers is a song written about a pretty depressing time of my life. Nothing was going right and it felt completely out of my control. It was like boxing with the ocean. No matter what I did, I couldn’t win. Luckily, I was able to find something positive to hold onto and was determined to survive this awful emotional and physical state. Once you can grip onto something good it can provide the motivation needed to move forward.”

Demmers brings together a fusion of alt rock and post-punk influences, creating a sound that resonates with fans of THE CURE, CHAMELEONS, and BLOC PARTY.

Reflecting on their musical journey, the band members expressed, “We all come from a punk and hardcore background, but it’s fun when you can look outside the box and play something other than blast beats and kill parts. We listen to a vast array of different things and being able to make this type of music really scratches an itch we haven’t really done before.”

The origins of Demmers trace back to early 2023 when Tommy and Jerad crossed paths in LESSER MINDS, where Tommy plays bass. Their mutual love for THE CURE and NEW ORDER led to the formation of Demmers.


Jerad had been experimenting with post-punk sounds in his basement, and with Tommy’s encouragement, the band began to take shape. They soon recruited Tommy’s long-time friend, Matt Ollsen, a seasoned drummer with an impressive resume, having toured with acts like MERCY UNION, DAVE HAUS, and FRANK IERO.

With their lineup solidified, Demmers headed to Nada Studios in Upstate New York to record their debut EP, “Fears and Shadows,” under the guidance of Engineer/Producer John Naclerio.

In addition to premiering “Wooden Soldiers,” Demmers is excited to announce pre-orders for the “Fears and Shadows” cassette.

The EP is set for release on July 19, 2024, through Protagonist Music.


This announcement follows their recent addition of Brian Rothenbeck, who has joined the band to enhance their sound further.

Demmers is actively writing more material and will be playing shows this summer.



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