Regarde by Franco Campesato
Regarde by Franco Campesato
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Italian emotive rockers REGARDE break down great new EP “Nothing, Again”

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After a decade in the music scene, Regarde returns with their new EP, “Nothing, Again.” This six-track work, produced by Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria, represents a significant chapter in the band’s journey. The EP explores themes of love, connection, and self-discovery amidst life’s challenges.

Regarde explains, “‘Nothing, Again’ is more than just an EP, it’s a reminder. It reminds us that despite the challenges and difficulties of life, we are still capable of loving, connecting, and discovering ourselves in the changing flow of existence.”

This album effortlessly balances emo rock, alt rock, and post-hardcore, making it perfect for fans of Basement, ambient infused modern post hardcore bands, but also inner vibes of The Smashing Pumpkins, with punk energy and radio-ready tracks. Despite their talent, Regarde has far too few listeners on streaming services, so we encourage you to join their growing fan base.

Released digitally through Epidemic Records (Italy) and Through Love Records (Germany), “Nothing, Again” “was a journey of rediscovery and rebirth.”

“After a period of forced distance, we found ourselves with new creative energy.” – says the band.

Regarde by
Regarde by

“We wrote these songs simply and spontaneously, and now we can’t wait to share this new chapter of our music with our audience.”

In this special feature, we will present a track-by-track commentary, delving into the meanings and stories behind each song on “Nothing, Again.”

1. The Moon

‘The Moon’ is the opening track of the EP. It is deliberately the most experimental one, written only for synths and vocals. It also acts as a conceptual opener for the record, introducing the theme of the constant search for something different in this world (and outside of it). In the chorus, the voices overlap, creating a swirling and melancholic dissonance, reminding us that we may never reach this desired ‘moon’.

2. Nothing

This song talks about the bond between two people, who were once lovers, comparing their relationship to a neverending motion, made of specific rhythms and pauses.
‘Nothing’ is a reminder that even if we may feel estranged from each other, we are still capable of love, of connection, rediscovering ourselves in the ever-changing landscape of life.

3. Starting Again

‘Starting Again’ is perhaps the track that most recalls some of the band old sonorities. Heavy guitars and impactful vocals guide the listener through the whole song, which deals with the strength to start again after a relationship gone wrong, once it is realized there’s not a chance to ‘take back the heat’ that once was there.

Regarde by Carlotta Bianco
Regarde by Carlotta Bianco

4. The River

The song describes a journey of perseverance and self-discovery. The imagery of running along a river and seeing the sun symbolizes the pursuit of clarity and enlightenment after a period of darkness or struggle (‘pitch black’). The verses of the track unravel through uncertainty, asking over and over ‘Do you really wanna know?’ challenging the listener to confront their deepest desires.

5. New Winds

The track, chosen as the EP’s preview single, is a paradoxical dance between the familiar and the unknown, where nostalgia intertwines with the allure of change. Sometimes, over the years, we get hit by winds that carry echoes of an old love, leaving us feeling like strangers in this constantly evolving reality.

6. Apart

‘Apart’ is the EP’s closing song, which explores themes of miscommunication and emotional distance in a relationship. Despite seeking deeper connection, the inevitable separation prevails, as captured in the refrain ‘In the end you’ll manage to keep us apart’. The final part of the song revolves around the repetition of this phrase, which becomes an echo supported by powerful vocal choruses.

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