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DENNY CRANE: “Set some anger free”

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This aggressive hardcore style full of simple riffs, breakdowns and mosh-friendly, yet monolithic slams, has a solid number of followers and opponents. Also known as “music for angry people”, or a “mixture or rap and satanic metal” ;), the subgenre tends to make people go up and down and transform every dancefloor into a battlefieldBeatdown hardcore – love it or hate it!

“Negative music for a positive way” is the motto of Berlin-based beatdown hardcore band called DENNY CRANE, who have recently released their new album (available for free at this location). Grab it and read up below to find out just what these guys stand for and what’s their idea for hardcore.


Wassup, guys? Let’s start off with your name, shall we? Why DENNY CRANE? [smiles]

[smiles] Hey, everything’s fine – thanks! As we formed the band in early 2011 some of us were enjoying “Boston Legal“. DENNY CRANE is smoking, drinking, fucking, talking shit. Most of our lyrics are very serious and aggressive – like our tunes.

So we choose a name that reflects the characters of the band members [laughs].

We’re just doing music to relax and have fun. And lose some frustration as well. You know!? That’s all …

Some may call it offensive, too, don’t you think? I mean, naked tits, asses, blowjobs, drugs and drinkin’ like hell? Is this hardcore? Aren’t you afraid some of the audience might exclude you from “the punk scene”, which is obviously not about the things I listed?

The world of today is fucked up enough. It sucks! Doesn’t? We don’t care what the “scene police” is talking about us! We do that for fun and for those who want to have fun. We know about the roots of hardcore and punk music and respect them! The things you’ve listed are not part of hardcore- or punk attitude! But they are things of our lives. And ouf course part of the lives of the people we play for. So why the fuck we should not name it!? DENNY CRANE is a non-fascist- or sexcism-band or shit like that!!! We’re not egde but we tell the kids that alcohol- and drug abuse is not correct or not the right way. We, or generally Beatdown Bands should not be the ones to blame for the scene. We try to keep it all positive as our slogan says: negative music for a positive way!

I really appreciate your honest answer, guys. It’s cool you didn’t get offended for forward questions, just like YOUR DEMISE did. [smiles]

Haven’t you ever been tempted to become sXe? What are your views on straight edge anyway?

Why offended?! We are what we are. We are who we are!

We respect it! Honestly! If a dude or a girl choose this way – respect! But maybe this person is a racist. And then? Nobody is better than another! We can just all learn by ourselves with passion and dedication!

If you want to know how we think about drug abuse just check the song “Ewigkeit”! Everybody in DC is a wasted fucked up but we really know about it.

If you’re SxE – keep it on but it doesn’t make you a better person if you try to blame the kids who come with a another opinion. The real problems we should fight against are the social grievances worldwide. If we still fight each other because of coke or ganja abuse … you’re an idiot! Everybody got his own opinion! At the end we all will be judged – by a god, by a master or by our fucking selves! Let’s try to do the best out of it!


Alright, let’s move on to your heritage, shall we? [smiles] Apart from your 2011 demo and the new outing, have you released any more records?

There is the demo, the online album and the upcoming split with HOMETOWN HATE. Than we’re part of some samplers of I love Mosh, OVA and Core-Tex Records too. Tobi released a EP with “GOT NUTHIN'” and Stino is part of the street rock band SOIFASS. We want to record a new DENNY CRANE EP soon because the stuff we released is mostly old stuff and we think our new shit will prove a good development in the songwriting of the band. But our biggest aim right now is to get more shows.

Tell me more about what Core-Tex is, as if I had no idea about it.

Core Tex Records is a punk and hardcore store, mailorder and record label based in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin since the late eighties. It’s near the famous SO36, the “German CBGB‘s”. On the upcoming Sampler modern Berlin HC bands are covering old Berlin HC tracks. Cool people, cool thing. If you’re visiting Berlin you have to visit the Core-Tex store like all the rest as like TERROR, DROPKICK MURPHYS, NASTY and so on. They’re supporting young bands like us and we’re grateful that they do.

Cool. I love the store, just wanted you to do the honors and introduce the spot to our readers [smiles].

Back to your discography, what’s the story behind the aforementioned split with HOMETOWN HATE?

[laughs] Ok. We would be wondering if you don’t know it. There is no cool story behind the split. Let’s call it “the plastic way of unity” [laughs]! We had our songs, all recorded by Micha of ANTICOPS and we thought about how we can release it to reach some kids out there. Via Facebook we noticed that HOMETOWN HATE were producing some new tracks. We ask for a split release, HTH checked our songs and we made it! We had no problems to work on it. Each band got a feature of the other as well. We release our own version of it as a very sexy Digipack! So check it out if you like aggressive tunes!

Any plans to promote it live?

Of course! If we would have the money and time we would love to play every weekend [laughs]!

We hope that we can promote the Split this summer with a couple of shows. We want to play again in Rathenow soon, Leipzig and near Bayern are in prospect right now. We really looking forward to play another cities and countries like Greece, Poland, France and so on. All bookers and supporters are welcome to get in touch with us!

DENNY CRANE band liv

Only weekends? [smiles]

[smiles] If you would give us the chance to pay our bills with the music we do we would take it! For sure [laughs].

But we’re just a young band and we have to grow with our experiences first but this will take some time.

Until then we’re just normal robots of the system. Waiting for the weekend to freak the fuck out or relax hard.

Just like we said before: everybody is welcome to get in touch with us for shows!!

Where were your favorite places to play?

We would love to play in Asia, Poland, Greek, France and Belgium. That’s the places we call our aims.

DC by now is just a local band you know. Tobi and Stino played some more shows in other places but we as one are still a rookie band in the big bad city [smiles].

We really looking forward expectantly to the future!

DENNY CRANE band live

Are any members in side projects beyond DENNY CRANE?

As I mentioned before, Tobi was down with some oldschool tunes in GOT NUTHIN‘. He left the band to manage more time in DENNY CRANE. Stino is the current bass player of the street punk band SOIFASS.

So what’s hot in your local beatdown hardcore community? What’s new and what’s up?

There are no more beatdown bands in Berlin. REBORN TO CONQUER put out some nice releases.

Berlin turns into a hipster town and the old mates are still HC kids, punk rockers, skins and hools.

We’re cool with the dudes in our city, but there is no beatdown scene. It’s more a big wasted youth cocktail.

The bookers just for beatdown in BLN had to quit so it’s difficult for us to get good local shows, because the bookers and clubs are left are more into the oldschool and metal.

If you want to know why we still love Berlin check “Hometown Blues” and “Lost in Berlin”! [smiles]

In terms of local music infrastructures, is there an apparent division between West Berlin and Eastern part of the city?

No. It’s one scene in Berlin. Our singer comes from the west and the rest of DC is from the eastside. The bands, clubs and bookers are working together. The wall is down [smiles].

Oh, damn.. you’re right, it’s now there! [laughs]

DENNY CRANE band promo

What are some of the best things about the city?

It’s a green city. That’s very cool. And of course the infrastructure. Hmm. Our nightlife, all the bars and so on. A journey to Berlin should be a aim for everybody. But the old districts are the best man. There were the old loyalty is still alive [smiles].

[laughs] So I guess it’s now safe for a foreigner to go there, huh?

[laughs] There are some districts where street gangs or nazis still rule. But it’s not harder than in other towns. Berlin becomes a metropolis for tourists. It’s a beautiful city to hang out. If you come here for holidays it’s safe [smiles]. Berlin was rougher some years ago [laughs]! The gentrification of Berlin is a bigger problem for all people who were born here. It’s all about the fucking money and not about culture. Or subcultures.

Do you happen to fight Nazis? [smiles]

[smiles] All this “political correctness” bullshit is getting too prevalent. Music should be something to express something good, to carry a message even though it’s aggressive music. Set some anger free – don’t nurture senseless hate!

As we hinted before the real enemy is the capitalist! The fascist regime of corrupt politicians, bankers and the economy.

We’re cool with all people if they’re don’t try to fuck us up! Normal. That means we are cool with all kids, with blacks, reds, yellows and even though the grey motherfuckers with the big black eyes! [smiles]

We don’t want any extremism or bigotry at our shows!

Most kids don’t really know about their roots. Rock’n’Roll and Punkrock.

They’re posing like Tupac but they are plastic like J-Lo! Many kids just follow the copies and make it a fashion.

This scene was built by a breed of outcasts. Of all colours! With respect and without fear!

To answer your question now: zero tolerance for nazis at hardcore shows!

That’s it, mate.

Now tell me, what makes a beatdown hadcore band? What are the ingredients of one?

Hate, booze and nasty girls [laughs]! No, just a joke [smiles]. First at all it’s hardcore music. It should be friendship and not violence or fashion. It’s all about attitude. A beatdown band need the skills to make fat sound out of simple tunes. Hate it or love it!

Alright, folks. Thanks for your time. Feel free to add anything you like. Cheers from Warsaw!

First of all thanks for the interview! Than we would like to thank all the people who support DENNY CRANE in any way. Check out our facebook page and feel free to download our free album! Get in touch with us if you want to book us!

Cheers from Berlin City! Keep your mind free! Peace.

DENNY CRANE Reverbnation
DENNY CRANE official website


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