Destroy Your World Inc. – a new hardcore label

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Born from the union of two minds blending the old and new breed of Roma hardcore, DESTROY YOUR WORLD INC. is a brand new collective started with the sole intent of putting out yet another helping hand to fortify hardcore worldwide.


Based on the ideal that good results can only be achieved through a hard-working ethic, our aim is that of supporting bands and realities which reflect what we’ve always thought hardcore should be and bring them out to all those kids out there who just like us have decided to take a step apart from a world in which we hardly recognize ourselves.

Alex & Domenico
DYW Inc. 2012

For any question drop us an email here: [email protected]

The crew issued the following updates thus far:

Here at DYW Inc. we’re taking no time off, we’re working on a lot of stuff at the moment and hopefully we’ll be coming out with good news really soon, in the meantime keep spreading the word!

“BACK ON THE MAP VOL.1” free cd sampler featuring the hardset working italian bands around will hit hit the streets on the second half of september and it will be available through our online store or at the shows.Some good hc tunes from Awaken Demons, Strength Approach , Whales’ Island ,Payback, GRANDTHEFTAGE , Strange Fear ,Jungle Fever, The Hardest Season, The Memory , Startoday ,Embrace Destruction, Locked In , RISE AFTER DEFEAT and few more…STOKED!!!


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