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Detroit rock duo EASY BEACH comment on new single “Dual Jewel”, underground scene in Detroit, and more

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Nearly two years after their debut EP, “Mantra”, EASY BEACH (Ian Cruz (guitar, vocals) Sean Tarolli (drums, synth)) is back with the first single off their new self-titled record, called “Dual Jewel”! Brooklyn Vegan commented that Easy Beach writes “catchy guitar-driven rock music” that any fan should check out, and they’re not wrong. Learning straight from Dylan Baldy (Cloud Nothings) and producer Tyler Floyd (Greet Death, Worst Party Ever) on their songs “Blurry” and “Selena Gomez (Took the Name of this Song)”, taught band leader Ian Cruz how to craft even bigger rock anthems this time around.

“Dual Jewel” gives listeners a genuine taste of the raw emotions Easy Beach pours out each night on stage. Recorded by the band in Sean Tarolli’s (drummer) home, mixed and mastered by Pat Sheufelt at I/O Detroit, each song on the self-titled record draws inspiration from the chaotic nature of one’s life – heartbreak, addiction, alienation, and hope.

“We wanted this record to actually sound like us the way we are live,” says Cruz. “After blowing all our tour money on recording equipment, we hit wall after wall trying to get this thing done. At one point, I had to call it quits because I couldn’t help but feel a bit obsessed. The record starts with ‘Dual Jewel’, a song about someone who I was once very close with that lost themselves to addiction. I think it speaks to the tone of the rest of the record – feeling disconnected to the people you once held so closely.”

Easy Beach plans to release several singles leading up to a full release Spring 2023.

From Ian on “Dual Jewel”, the album, and the local DIY scene:

“I’m stoked to have “Dual Jewel” be our first single since we had to take a break in August.” – says guitarist and vocalist Ian Cruz.

“Our last tour was fun, but also made me realize that I needed to focus on my life for a while. Sean (Tarolli, drums) started jamming with Spencer Rodgers in Hail Alien, and focused on doing his solo project, Swiss Rips. I hung out with my family, booked some shows for other people’s bands, and hung out with all these unfinished songs in my basement. We had the drum tracks to “Dual Jewel” finished for a while, but I never got around to laying down anything else while we were together.”

“The band was usually swamped with shows, or practicing with different bass players, unable to find time to actually record the album we had been writing for a year. I was kind of trapped in the house at this point, watching all my friends play and have fun, and I knew I had all these different drum tracks on my computer. So I started recording all the guitars and vocals myself, sent them off to my friend Pat (Scheufelt, I/O Detroit Studio), and he brought these really rough recordings to life!”

““Dual Jewel” is the first song on the new record, and it’s about someone I’ve known all my life.” – explains Ian. ” I think the song gives a really good first impression of what the rest of the record is going to sound like. I can’t remember where I found the inspiration for this one, but our friends in Seaholm said they always think we’re going to play “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World when we play it live. I grew up listening to a lot JEW, Cursive, Fugazi, and I think “Dual Jewel” is reminiscent of that old 90’s emo sound.

Expounding a bit more on new EASY BEACH album and their upcoming live shows, Ian says that they’re trying to do the record right, and release everything as it gets finished.

“Hoping to put out a song every month or so, and then when it’s all done we’re heading out on tour again. But just a little tour, because I’m ready to write the next record.”

As for their local alternative and underground music scene in Detroit, when Ian is not doing Easy Beach he’s running a booking agency with his friends Kyle Minch and Mica Klave. It’s called The Pleasant Underground, and it started off like any other DIY house venue – in a basement in the burbs.

“Kyle built this stage, with a big pug on the wall with googly eyes, and invited the Beach to play their first show.” – explains Ian.

“I had such a good time that I had to find a way to be a part of it. So I jumped in head first, and started booking my friend’s bands around Detroit and Ann Arbor. We ended up making a name for ourselves, and began booking bigger bands like Posture & the Grizzly, Ogbert the Nerd, Thank You I’m Sorry, Kaonashi, Frail Body, and a ton more. This summer we’re throwing a huge fest called DIY Burning Man 3, but it’s at The Crofoot (a real venue) and we’re trying to book Prince Daddy & Oso Oso. So I’m not sure how DIY that is…”

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