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DIE YOUNG: Texas rippers add female vocals to thrashing hardcore on new track “Mortal/Eternal”!

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Texas rippers DIE YOUNG have premiered another new track “Mortal/Eternal”, appearing on No Illusions, the long-running band’s first album for Good Fight Music, coming August 26th!

Founded in 2002 and reformed in 2013 after a hiatus, Die Young deals in thrashing, apocalyptic hardcore. Led by vegan straightedge frontman Daniel Albaugh, the band goes full-throttle with a sound mixing Slayer thrash, Cro-Mags snarl, and Earth Crisis militancy. On No Illusions, they stay true to form while also adding some surprises – a Nick Cave cover, for example, and the epic female vocals heard on “Mortal/Eternal.”

Albaugh describes the album as “a fun ride through various realms of human disappointment, irrationality, violence, nihilism and pessimism.” It was produced by Craig Douglas (Bitter End, Venomous Maximus) at Origin Sound.


Spawned upon “a mote of dust 
Suspended in a sunbeam” 
Housed in flesh that blooms and decays 
With an intellect we deem separate 
From the guts of exploded stars 
And billions of other precious accidents, 
Those forms of life we don’t understand 
We’re more like them than we can admit 
Mortal/Eternal, all at once 
An evolution of gas and dust 
Given the chance to contemplate 
The pain of a world made not for us 
Born from a mother whose lot is to suffer 
The sins of the father unreconciled 
He slays his brother, over and over 
Till the dying sun swallows the earth  
Nothing and something, all at once 
With inclinations to violence 
Given the chance to multiply 
The pain of a world made not for us 
Tread like gods 
Perish like parasites 
So you want to live forever? 
And so you shall… 
Your oxygen as ether 
Your carbon as dust


Stamping down on the face of humanity 
The boot arrives—as prophesied—to squash your rights with impunity 
First they bring you the Trojan horse, those fancy things you can’t refuse 
Too infatuated with yourself to realize you’ve been subdued 
Where is your rage? 
Do you put your trust in those who can take 
Take your rights away? 
Tanks invade city streets  
Rubber bullets, tear gas unleashed 
Upon unarmed crowds 
Witness the boot come stamping down 
A sobering dose of reality 
For those behind the veil of luxury 
You now will hear how the unheard speak 
And your sheltered eyes will be forced to see 
Don’t lose your rage 
Our lives are cheap to those who can take 
Take our rights away 
The boot arrives as prophesied 
To squash your rights with impunity

DIE YOUNG has toured the world with a vengeance – the US (including Alaska), Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America, South America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, and beyond – and has shared stages with a long list of bands, from Cro-Mags, to Catharsis, to Modern Life Is War.

Sep 10 – Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
Sep 16 – Houston, TX @ Satellite Bar
Sep 17 – Oklahoma City, OK @ 89th St Collective
Sep 18 – Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone

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