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DIY post hardcore punk goes instrumental ambient: watch new video from BARA BANDAI

Last year we introduced BARA BANDAI, a new ambient / experimental project from Clément of French post rockish post hardcore act GRAND DÉTOUR, and today, we’re pleased to give you his new music video, created in support of his EP  “Une Nuit Sans Sommeil”! The 16-minute instrumental epic was created by Pavle Koncajer from the band RULES and LEFT TO STARVE, and you can watch its first screening above!

Une nuit sans sommeil” is a 15 minute long and single track built from 4 different movements. I often try to work with the less effects possible, and concentrate in playing with the different possibilities of the instrument: how it respond, the emotions, the unique sound of the amp etc… Personally I try to give the music an “honest” touch, this is something really important to me.

Even more for this EP, dedicated to Maxime Dauga who left us few years ago. More than a piece of music, it’s something we all can rely on, it’s souvenirs: good ones, bad ones. Music is timeless and I felt like this was something who could travel through years and still be listenable by family, friends, or just curious people.

Concerning the video, Pavle is an awesome guy. We met during my summer tour on my way to Fluff Fest. Pavle was playing in that band Rules, and we shared a show in Leipzig. He offered me to work with me on a video and when I got back from tour, he was already working on it.

BARA BANDAI, Left: Clement by Guillaume Delbos.; Right: Live in Marseille, by Jean-Loup Faurat

Left: Clement by Guillaume Delbos.; Right: Live in Marseille, by Jean-Loup Faurat

Credits: “Une nuit sans sommeil” was recorded at “Le port des créateurs” in Toulon, France by Olivier Cancellieri. Mixed by Olivier and Mastered by François Fanelli in 2018. A tape release was made by the label “Bus Stop Press”. The video was directed and filmed by Pavle Kocanjer in Karlovac, Croatia in the end of this year.

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