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Trapped At Birth: Pennsylvania hardcore pack INNER TURMOIL premiere new EP!

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Members of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s INNER TURMOIL have been struggling with addictions and harsh environment, but instead of giving in to hopelessness, they decided to channel their energy through music, and jumped on a mission to send a firm message to those  who are getting out from their tussles back into daily life. Their powerful debut “Trapped At Birth” is a clear look to the future that brings a message of hope to the lost and abused. “To let even the most desperate know they are not alone. To build our hardcore family.”, says the band. And today, we join them to carry the message and serve it in its full glory below.

The band comments:

After releasing our first single One Choice Left (a song about the struggles of addiction leading to the final choice of recovery or suicide) in August of this year, we headed directly back to the studio to record the Trapped At Birth EP.

We live in Coffin County (Dauphin County’s nickname due to its high rate of drug overdose deaths) and all have struggled with addiction, too many deaths to count, mental illness, homelessness, and countless struggles that we have pulled through and needed to get out in music.

The Trapped At Birth EP is filled with everything we have experienced. From growing up in mentally, physically, and sexually abusive families, putting friends in the ground all to often, depression and suicide. We all have experienced true hopelessness in moments yet keep moving forward and pushing to achieve what we were told we could never accomplish.


Lyrics from the track Inside Job (a song about our drummers abusive family) sum up what the goal of Inner Turmoil is. To let the misled, abused, and forgotten know they aren’t alone!

“Life hits, swing back, push through, all the adversity / I found, my place, among, my hardcore family”

The EP release show is in January 4th at the Lizard Lounge in Lancaster, PA with DEPARTED, ANTE UP, THREAT 2 SOCIETY, NO MERCY, and SLUGGERNAUT.



Worn thin

Once again
I’m sinking in defeat
Troubled times
Created this troubled mind

Life is hard
I’m falling to my knees
Breaking down
For everyone to fucking see

Never walk alone
Devils by my side
Barrel to my chin
At least I fucking tried
Sick of struggling
Tired of this pain
Wake up every morning
Fighting to reain

So young and naïve
Fed by false love
In this war
I’ll never win
Save me from
This hell im in

Inside job

My life, my dreams, are filled, with fuckin misery
Strung out, violent, fucked up, is my reality
You will, grow up, to be, a worthless piece of shit
Pounded, into, my head, since I was a kid
I grew, I tried, to prove, that they were fuckin wrong
knocked down, stood up, to show, that I was fuckin strong
Life hits, swing back, push through, all the adversity
I found, my place, among, my hardcore family
(The guilty point at me)
You said, I’d find, nothing, but an early grave
So please, let me, say clear, eat shit you fuckin bitch
(Hatred and rage)
You pushed me to the edge
(I’m fuckin going insane)
Now there is nothing left
You tapped into a part of me, one of which that no one wants to fuckin see
My blood boils and I’m seeing red, we can’t leave till one of us is fuckin dead
We both will bleed and feel this pain, a storm is coming worse then any fuckin rain
We both can’t live on this fucked up earth
So say goodbye as you eat dirt



My eyes are wet like the sands
Underneath the ebb and flow of waves
And ocean of emotion
Erodes my composer away

The choices I have made
Are swimming circles around me
I start to drown
Don’t pull me out

Building walls inside my head
Tare then down for someone build the up again

Now all of my. Guilt
Catches up with me
Unseen weight
Baring down on me
I can’t breath
To little to late
Karma is collecting

Moral neglect

Your actions make me sick
Guess it’s time to call it quits
You never fucking cared
And now it shows

You’ve destroyed my self-esteem
Tore away my hopes and dreams

Can’t take back all your lies
Eager to push and cross the line

You betrayer
Mental decayed

Breaking down the trust we built
Our lives so full of guilt
Both our actions broke this home
Once again I’m left alone

Your actions make me sick
Guess it’s time to call it quits
You never fucking cared
And now it shows

You went back on your holy word and now your voice is never heard
Die slow motherfucker

You took my soul
Heart is dark and cold
Never did what’s right
Want to end my life


Grave mistakes

Here we fucking go again
Same place I’ve always been
Caught in lies, stolen trust
Blood shot eyes, such disgust
Nothing else that I can say
On your knees as you fucking pray
Look to god and you’ll find nothing

Open wounds
My scares you see
Torn apart broken and
No longer free
Standing before you
I fear everything
I told you I could change
Somethings wrong inside my brain

It keeps me sick
Fuck this life
I can’t take it
I’m ready to quit

You move forward I step back
Why can’t I erase these tracks

I chose my fate
I crossed the line
I dug my grave
There’s Nothing left for you to say
I chose my fate
There’s Nothing left for you to save

Hallow savior

Dear mother I’ve never been quite right
Finger on the trigger suffering through the night
Dear mother I’ve never been quite right finger on the trigger should I take his life

There is no love
Motivated by hate
Let’s see if your god
Can save you now

I am the face
You will see
Right before you die

I am the face
You will see
Right before you die
Time to close your eyes

There is no hope
No on no proof
Understand the pain
That’s coming for you

Lights out mother fucker
Now it’s your turn to suffer

I’ve spent my time trying to find peace
But there is no release
I’ve spent my time trying to find peace
From this inner turmoil

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