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DOWNFALL OF GAIA to release their new album in October

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DOWNFALL OF GAIA have set October 9th as the release date for their “Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes”. “In the Rivers Bleak”, a track from the outing, can be streamed below.

They comment:

The Concept Album “Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes” is telling a story about a person who falls victim to his thoughts and becomes consumed by the pressures of the outside world. Suffering from insomnia, the day by day routine and the security that things are completely out of control nowadays, all of this puts so much pressure on him that he is slowly losing his mind. It’s a huge story about a person and the sickness, his state of mind and how his psychological conscience develops.

This story is representative for a more and more fast moving time such as today where it’s way too easy to lose control and to get buried by the growing weights on our own backs. Compared to our last releases, we’ve got the most mixed style on the new album and it has a lot of dynamics. It’s more aggressive than the other stuff. It still has influences from sludge, black metal, doom, hardcore or post rock parts. It’s a wide range of music which makes all of us feel really comfortable!

Track listing:
1. [vulnus]
2. drowning by wing beats
3. in the rivers bleak
4. i fade away
5. beneath the crown of cranes
6. giving their heir to the masses
7. [asphyxia]


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