Lou Barlow comments on new material from SEBADOH

Exclaim recently conducted an interview with Lou Barlow, who comments on SEBADOH‘s decision to finally record new material after playing some reunion shows.

He had this to say:

It seemed like the thing to do. We played old songs all last year. It went really well. We spent that time kind of bonding instrumentally and bringing Bob in more. Bob’s been playing with Jason for over ten years so it was me playing with Bob and us becoming a unit. We coalesced around these old songs. And playing new songs seems like a good idea. I’ve never stopped making music and my experience with Dinosaur Jr., we introduced new songs into the mix and it just made everything kind of better. It gave everything a longer shelf life. And since Sebadoh, like Dinosaur Jr., we forged the sound of that band when we were very young. So going back to it was like going back to the source.

The rest of the interview can be read here.


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