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DOWNPOUR / BEARTRAP / ANTI-VENOM / SHACKLES stream their “Drawn And Quartered” split

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“Drawn and Quartered” is a 14 minute blast with 4 bands from two continents. DOWNPOUR and SHACKLES from Australia and BEARTRAP and ANTI-VENOM from USA. Presented by Arrest Records Australia. Scroll down to stream the entire outing.


Here’s the official word about the release:

Arrest Records Australia has always been a label focused on the whole community of the Punk and Hardcore scene all over the world, and the friendships that can be made from this community. These friendships formed have led to this project of a 4 way split 7” compiling tracks from four bands that reside in two different countries, cramming in 16 tracks and running for 14 minutes.

Opening the split 7” is Downpour, coming from the Queensland country regional capital of Rockhampton, predominately known as the beef capital of Australia, complete with bull statues lining the main street upon entering this city. Away from the cattle sales and cowboy hats is a small punk / hardcore community with Downpour, not following any trends other than expressing themselves through fast paced aggressive hardcore.

Completing Side A is Beartrap, from Massachusetts USA, featuring a former “Energy” drummer on vocals. Using a simple structure of short, fast and straight to the point thrash hardcore. Having toured parts of USA and spending a lengthy two months in Europe in 2012, already their aim is to tour anywhere and we may see this wrecking-ball hit our shores in 2013.

Side B opens with Anti-Venom, from Marlborough Massachusetts USA, it is a darker project for Arrest Records’ “Villain” vocalist, but brings forth two tracks reminiscent to the early days of metal influenced hardcore before metal core was conceived.

Finishing this release is Byron Bay’s brutal force, Shackl∑s, with just a taste of what is coming with more releases on their way. Seeing Shackl∑s live, they turn a civil room into a mass of bodies flying around at every show, with heavy vocals along with Infest, Nails inspired music. The remainder of 2012 will see Shackl∑s do only what they know best: tour and record more music.

Available on limited vinyl in two colors (Black and Halloween Orange) from Mid-October or digitally available today.

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