DRAINLAND / ENABLER available now; DRAINLAND / WITCH CULT coming soon

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DRAINLAND / ENABLER, co-released by De Graanrepubliek and Halo Of Flies Records, is available now.

DRAINLAND have issued a statement regarding their another split, with WITCH CULT this time:

Drainland/Witch Cult split recordings are sitting on my harddrive.Their side is raw as hell,sounds a lot more influenced by old noisecore, and is the least polished recording you could expect.In addition to a rerecorded “All Aboard the Black Ark”, we contribute a track called “The Rapture Never Came” which was supposed to be on the Crows split but wasn’t finished. Noise/vocals. The whole thing is an unintentional tribute to the spirit of comps like “Reality” and “Loud & Ugly”. Our side of the record is actualy dedicated to Sean Wipfli – “Ark” was supposed supposed to be on a Bovine comp but due to some truly horrible personal stuff, Sean’s had to put the label on hold again.We wish him and his family well.

Sending everything off to Pep at Midnight Sea for the tape version now, vinyl version will follow in the not too distant future via a bunch of labels, once we get mastering and artwork figured out..

ENABLER‘s songs from the split:


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