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DRAWBACKS – “Conrad” video

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French melodic modern hardcore band DRAWBACKS have premiered a new music video for their new tracl “Conrad”, coming off of their new 12″ EP “Common Impairments”, to be released via Don’t Trust the Hype and some additional labels that would like to help with this release (contact the band via [email protected]). Directed by Tommy Knuts, filmed by Michael Fremaux, Vincent Bergeron, Tommy Knuts and edited by Tommy Knut, the video mimics its lyrical and emotional content and serves a great teaser for the record that will be cascading over the slow-burning guitars to emotional bursts with tremendous effect. Looking forward to hearing the full thing. Meanwhile, here’ the video.


Natural forces are not quarrelsome. You cannot quarrel with the wind that embraces you and humiliates you by blowing off your hat in a crowded street. He had no quarrel with me.
Neither a boulder, falling on my head, would have had. He fell upon me in accordance with the law by which he was moved, not of gravitation, like a detached stone, but of self-preservation.
Men alone are quite capable of the worst atrocities. We want, in so many ways, to be. But man will never keep still on his heap of mud. He wants to be like this, and he also wants to be like that… He wants to be a saint, and he wants to be a demon. And every time he closes his eyes, he sees himself as a nice guy, much better than he will ever have the possibility of… in a dream

Book them for a show this Summer! Here are the available slots:

28/07 NL (TBC)
29/07 DE – Gottingen TBA
31/07 BE
04/08 UK
05/08 UK
06/08 UK
07/08 UK

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