Six Impossible Things by Hélio Gomes
Six Impossible Things by Hélio Gomes
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Dream pop duo SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS unveil “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”

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September is shaping up to be an emblematic month for dream pop enthusiasts, thanks to Six Impossible Things. The Italian alt indie pop stalwarts are unveiling their latest offering – the deeply emotive EP, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”, which is out today!

This new release sees the band embracing a richer, fuller sound, moving away from their previously minimalist palette. This shift is epitomized by the inclusion of Enrico Tosti’s bass and Andrea Daniele’s drums, adding robust depth to the compositions. However, amid this newfound vigor, the intrinsic purity and intimate touch that Six Impossible Things is celebrated for, remains untainted.

Pivotal life experiences and their inherent challenges form the core of this EP.

It is an exploration of isolation, inner battles, and nostalgia set against the desolate backdrop of the present decade.

Originating in the tranquil setting of Southampton, UK, where the band recorded their second EP, they soon found themselves amidst the chaos of Codogno – the epicenter of Europe’s COVID-19 outbreak. In this atmosphere of uncertainty and isolation, songs of introspection and resonance were birthed, amplifying the classic sound of Six Impossible Things.

The EP’s title finds its roots in the iconic artwork created in 1991 by Damien Hirst. This art piece reflects the juxtaposition of life and death, a sentiment that resonates deeply with the band’s own creative journey. With the invaluable contribution of talents like bassist Enrico Tosti, drummer Andrea Daniele, and producer Maurizio Baggio, this EP emerges as a poignant exposition of the band’s evolved sadcore signature.

Incorporating varied inspirations, from poetic verses to personal experiences, Six Impossible Things offered us a special track by commentary, delving into each and every track below.

EP cover by Alberto Rigato
EP cover by Alberto Rigato

Lemme Give Your Heart a Break

Nicky: I started having anxiety attacks right after the first lockdown. I was scared to talk about it with someone but one day I had an episode with my best friend so I had to explain what was happening to me. It was like my head was splitted in two, a part of me was worried about myself, and the other one was terrified by the idea of losing the people I love due to my behavior. This song talks about it.

Twenty Something

Lorenzo: I turned 30 last July and this song is a tribute to the last ten years of my life. This is the only song on the record that was written before the pandemic, and the only song written entirely by me, except for track #4. It’s a little bit different when compared to the rest of the EP, nostalgia-soaked lyrics and emo-guitar-driven choruses, instead of the darker approach to the lyrics and melodies that characterize the rest of the songs on the record.


Nicky: I think ‘Happy’ felt like a bridge from our last record to the new one.

I wrote it probably in my darkest moment of 2020. I recorded a demo of the song in my attic and sent it to Lorenzo, but we waited for lockdown to end to work on it properly. The lyrics are meant to hit deep so we really focused on the vocal parts during the recording sessions and I have to admit that I really challenged myself to nail my vocal takes.

…mind-Forg’d Manacles

Lorenzo: There’s a poem by William Blake called “London” that I discovered after writing this song. He wrote: “In every cry of every Man, in every Infant’s cry of fear, in every voice: in every ban, the mind-forg’d manacles I hear.” This poem has many striking similarities to what I meant while writing the lyrics of this song so I got the title from it.

What’s Left Of Me

Nicky: During the writing process of the new EP I’ve experienced the writer’s block. I was studying a new piano piece not to think about it and suddenly I randomly put my fingers on the keyboards and this very low chord started playing. I fell in love with that sound so I wrote a song with it.

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