YOTK by Cameron Nunez
YOTK by Cameron Nunez
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YEAR OF THE KNIFE teasing new album with new singles feat. members of Sanguisugabogg and Full of Hell

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Amidst life’s harshest adversities, music often emerges as a beacon of hope. Year of The Knife (YOTK) stands testament to this, unveiling their poignant new album ‘No Love Lost‘, set to release on October 27th via Pure Noise Records.

The announcement is accompanied by the drop of two intense singles, providing a glimpse into the sheer energy encapsulated within the album.

‘No Love Lost’ showcases YOTK in their most refined form, fusing hardcore and death metal influences into a mere 20-minute experience that promises to resonate deeply.

Entrusted in the capable hands of Kurt Ballou, renowned for his work with bands like Nails and Code Orange, the record emanates a colossal sound, reaffirming the band’s sonic identity.

To mark the occasion, YOTK unveiled two singles, “Wish”, featuring the prowess of Devin Swank from Sanguisugabogg, and “Last Laugh”, graced by the vocals of Dylan Walker from Full of Hell. Both tracks exemplify the album’s duality of brevity and aggression.

Earlier this year, the band faced an unimaginable ordeal.

A grave car accident in June left every member injured, with vocalist Madison Watkins bearing the brunt of it – multiple fractures and a traumatic brain injury.

Yet, the dire circumstances only added to the fervor and urgency of ‘No Love Lost‘. The album’s sales will directly aid in the recovery of the band members, symbolizing a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Bassist, and Madison’s spouse, reflected on the traumatic event and its aftermath: “After three months we’re finally gearing up to go home… It’s been a long, long road but every day brings new hope. Madi’s currently awake and alert… We’re looking forward to finally going home… This record represents so many things for us… It was an awesome experience learning how we each express ourselves musically.”

Andrew Kisielewski, the band’s drummer, mirrored the sentiment, recounting his personal recovery and the collective journey of YOTK. “Given our current state, it wasn’t easy to make the decision to put out a record… This record is the perfect culmination of us… To say I love this thing is an understatement, and I hope at least one of you finds a love for it the same way we do.”


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