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Dreampop indie shoegaze rockers VENN streaming new single

Over the past two years, DC dreamy indie rockers VENN have been working really hard to write and  record an EP of shoegaze/dream pop music, out of pocket and without any professional help. These kind fellas have recently released a new independently written, recorded, mixed, and released single from the upcoming EP and offered the following about the immersive and enchanting listen:

The single, Surreal, is meant to put an aggressive, punk influence on dream pop, while still maintaining Venn’s dance-ability and style. If you listen and agree that a post on Venn would suit your curation, we would be happy to answer any questions you have to write a quick blurb on our single/band in general. Or, if you prefer, we could send you the EP early and you could write a review that releases on the release date of the EP, 2/22. If this route appeals to you, we think you will find the rest of the EP to be a bit more dreamy, dimensional, and on the shoegaze end of the shoegaze/dream pop spectrum.

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