YOU FOLK by by Veronica Mullen
YOU FOLK by by Veronica Mullen
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Dreamy, pop infused emo indie rockers YOU FOLK premiere new single “Butterflies”

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Butterflies” is an early single off the upcoming second album by YOU FOLK, our lovely guests from multi-disciplinary indie band from Chicago. Slated for a yet-to-detailed release in the upcoming fall, the new offering from the band showcases their rearranged line-up and demonstrates the band’s evolution, as they showcase stronger and more inventive songwriting. The new single is a great example of that and we’re stoked to give you its first listen below.

Asked about the lyrical content behindButterflies“, Rebecca says it’s about falling in love with someone you care a lot about, possibly even your soulmate, but tragically having to let them go because of their substance abuse issues.

“The first chorus starts with “Holding you in the haze” and it transitions to “Losing you in the haze” in the last chorus. It explores things going really well, things going really badly, and ultimately the relationship moving too fast and neither person ready to take things further.”

Album art by Josue Herrera-Feeney.
Album art by Josue Herrera-Feeney.

YOU FOLK had been inactive for about a year, starting from early 2020 until early 2021, due to a number of factors including the COVID-19 pandemic, members relocating, and starting families. At the beginning of the pandemic, one band member considered pursuing a solo career in bedroom-pop music but ultimately found it unsatisfying. Taking time away from the band helped them recognize how much they valued the collaborative process of creating music with the group. As a result, they began meeting again and the band quickly reformed.

“Our first album was pretty collaborative, but it was written with the understanding that it was my “solo project” with others helping fill in gaps, as needed.” – comments Daniel. “When the band reformed, I wasn’t interested in continuing the project on with this understanding, but rather as a band where everyone has input into the core song-writing process. I’m still proud of our first album, but I feel like going about the band this way has led to us writing stronger songs.”

“We also switched around the roles of the band, which has altered our sound quite a bit. Bryan moved from drums to guitar, we recruited Harry on drums, and Rebecca started singing lead vocals (alongside me). Evan (keyboard) has a separate, electronic project called “Deadly Habits”, and this time around we’ve incorporated more of his programmed style into the album.”

The album was recorded by Bryan Kingsley, mixed by Nick Deiner, and mastered by Jay Maas.

YOU FOLK by Veronica Mullen
YOU FOLK by Veronica Mullen

You Folk is a five-piece dream-pop/emo band from Chicago, IL, consisting of Daniel Lee (vocals/guitar), Rebecca Young (vocals/bass), Bryan Kingsley (guitar), Harry Rivera (drums), Evan Lyman (keys).

To wrap-up, we asked YOU FOLK for a follow-up list of their influences and friendly bands worth a check, and we’ve got a nice handy playlist with 25 songs that will inspire you to dive deeper into their craft.

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