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BY THE GRACE OF GOD return with a new track!

21 years since their latest full length Perspective (1997, Victory Records), Louisville thought-provoking hardcore pack BY THE GRACE OF GOD (members of ENDPOINT, GUILT, MIRACLE DRUG, BLACK GODS, BLACK CROSS and more) are back with their signature reinterpretations of honest 90s hardcore sound – a new track “(Drowning in) White Tides”, the first new offering from their upcoming record “Above Fear”, to be released on March 30th via State of Mind Recordings and Simba Records! We’re super lucky to be premiering the new jam, commented by the band:

(Drowning in) White Tides is a call to arms against a nefarious right, shrouded in religious purity, capitalist fervor, and nationalist rhetoric.  It calls to that spark in each of us to acknowledge that though we may shaken, we should still be fucking pissed and rise above fear.

In a time when punk and hardcore bands seem to have forgotten about what really matters,the Louisville, KY band By The Grace Of God have chosen to do things differently. They remind people, with their tested and approved sound, that empowerment is the key to survival. Consisting of punk veterans Rob Pennington (vocals) from Endpoint, Duncan Barlow (guitar) from Endpoint and Guilt, Johnathan Mobley from Falling Forward and Elliot, Jay Palumbo from Empathy and Elliot and Thommy Browne from Enkindel they have recently turned the tides on this “side project”, developing it into a full-time band. With tours planned in Europe and the U.S., B.T.G.O.G. are bringing their message of positive hardcore to as many people as possible. Musically, the band crosses all lines between melodic and downright aggressive punk/hardcore. Their first EP., For the Love of Indie Rock (VR37) was incredibly well-received. As RIP Magazine put it, “If you‘re into the hard stuff, yet like a little melody in the mix, check them out.” With songs that ranged from political and emotional to the importance of fun in the punk scene, they conveyed an overwhelming positivity and a push for unity that the punk/hardcore scene hasn‘t been addressing for a long time. Their latest release, Perspective (1997), is just that. Their perspective on our world and our scene today. Ready for any hi fi stereo equipment, Perspective is a fast, uplifting record with songs that directly address issues the band deems important. By The Grace Of God have taken average hardcore songs and transformed them into vehicles of political motivation, self empowerment and emotional release. Recorded at Trax East Studios in New Jersey (Snapcase, Deadguy), this record completely showcases the potential and power of the band. By The Grace Of God portray straightedge and other issues in a positive way that will help dissolve any negative connotations or preconceived notions. They give hope to the people who believe hardcore is about change and feeling good about yourself. As Rob says, “You should live your life by examples…” (From Stop Smiling #5) And that‘s exactly what they plan to do. / Victory Records, 1998

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