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Dutch melodic hardcore powerhouse VAIN LOUIE share new high energy banger – listen to “The Sum of Our Perceptions”

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Two months after the release of their recent single “Finding Peace in Tragedy”, Nijmegen, Netherlands based VAIN LOUIE are back with emotional new single “The Sum of Our Perceptions”! Kicking off with modern hardcore build-up, the track strikes with melodic, high energy rush that evolves into a mid-tempo offering and hearty, anthemic climax that hints at the band’s expanding songwriting toolbox.

Lyrics wise, “The Sum of Our Perceptions” is about relationships and your loved ones, important people around you and those who show you the way in life. “And it’s not so much about love as it is in a relationship. We find it interesting and important that the listener can interpret it in different ways.” – explains the band.

“It’s about the ones who have been creating landscapes in the back of our heads. They are the ones that granted us the power to dream and paint our lives in the colors we desire. But when they start to fade away, their colors do as well. Inside the darkness they left behind, is where we find solace. Ever more now that we are apart, we carry their love like a shield on our hearts.”

The track comes from the band’s upcoming album “Time Devours Everyhting” that drop on November 18th, 2022.

Time Devours Everything by VAIN LOUIE

The band is: Ruben Jeurissen (Vocals), Scott Hoeks (Guitar, backing vocals), Thijs Janssen (Guitar), Willem Lam (Bass Guitar), Sander Jeurissen (Drums).

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